Take The 1st Step in Affair Proofing Your Amazing Marriage.

Take The 1st Step in Affair Proofing Your Amazing Marriage. July 26, 2019

Because every man has committed adultery, Today were looking at the first of six steps on how to affair proof your marriage.


Regardless of your past, regardless of your failures, say today, “I’m going to make a commitment to maintain God’s standards”. That means I agree with God about what He says about sex. God’s standards have never, ever changed. The Bible says that sex is for marriage only, not before marriage, not outside of marriage. Marriage is for one man and for one woman. That is in our constitution!

Ps. 119:9 “How can a person keep his way pure?”

Some seem to think that the answer is by living according to “culture”. But that is not the case at all, no! But the answer is “by living according to Your word.” God’s standard is very clear in His word.


Adultery is never OK, there is no justification for it, no matter what your background is. Joseph in the Old Testament was seduced by Potiphar’s wife; he had every reason in the world to give in to that temptation! Joseph could have reasoned like most of us do, “I’m young, I’m single and I’m in a foreign country. It’s an acceptable practice in this society and she wants it. I want it,  my desires want it, besides, I’ a man and that’s what men do. I’ve been abused, my mother died when I was young, my father was over-indulgent to me, my brothers hated me and sold me into slavery”.

Sound like a dysfunctional family to me and for sure Joseph was deprived of love. Instead he said “I will not sin against my God.” The Bible says when he was tempted he turned and ran. The Bible gives us this example because like Joseph we need to run.


You say “but my wife (or husband -for those women reading this column-) is not meeting my needs.” It is not excuse. If for whatever reason, your wife loses her libido due to illness, menopause, depression or any other reason and you go through a season in your life when she just can’t meet all your needs all the time, it does NOT give you the right to go out and sin. None at all.

Proverbs says “Be faithful to your own wife. Give your love to her alone.” This is not a suggestion. It is a commandment. At the end of this article, I want you to get with your spouse and affirm God’s Standard.  Say to each other:

“Starting today I have decided that by God’s grace, regardless of what you do, I will never be unfaithful to you. It’s my choice. It’s my decision”‘

That’s the starting point.

After you have done this, you need to affirm that same thing to your friends, relatives, and co-workers so they are clear where you stand on this issue. Leave NO room for doubt!


Most of you know I am hopelessly in love with my wife. When we were younger we had stresses in our home and marriage. But that has never changed my love for her. You can say anything negative to me. You can tell me you don’t like me or the way I lead this ministry. But don’t you dare say something negative to me about my dear wife. The wrath of God will come out! I want there to be no doubt where I stand. I say to the people around me,

“I’m not available. Not interested in an affair. I’m off the market. It’s non negotiable. Don’t even think about flirting with me.”

In this same way, I want you to radically affirm your love and your commitment to your spouse. But even more than that, make a public and definite affirmation to God’s standards for marriage.

A Word From Eduardo Quintana

A Call To Action

Men, our families need godly men. Our wives need godly men. Our world needs godly men. Will you be a man with me? Let’s show ourselves strong by living for the Lord. Today I ask you to decide, will you be a man or a mouse? Will you be a Godly man or will you turn your back on God? Will you be a man that lives to serve his wife and children or will you be the man that lives to please himself? Choose today what kind of a man you will be, as for me and my sons, we will serve the Lord and be the men that God created us to be. Will you join us?

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