Answering the Call – Unique Self, Part 2

Answering the Call – Unique Self, Part 2 January 31, 2014

What does it mean to answer the call?

To answer the call is to respond to the call that lives in you, as you, and through you, of your Unique Self. The unique individualized expression of essence that is you calls you, invites you to find your vocation—the claiming of your unique voice in the world. To find a voice that is yours, not imitative, you have to inhabit your Unique Perspective.

Your Unique Perspective is your particularized way of looking at the world, the angle at which you look at reality that opens a space of insight open only to you alone. There are shared spaces of insight; we can all look at the same book or bush, but ultimately we are all looking at it from a different angle. We have a common language. Your perspective is inescapable; it is the prism through which you experience reality.

What emerges from your Unique Self / Unique Perspective is a set of pleasures, unique skills that you have in the world, unique proclivities, capacities, all of which come together to reveal Your Unique Gift. It is available to the world through no one else but you. To know that you have a Unique Gift which is desperately needed by All That Is. No one else has the capacity to give that gift. This is a realization that changes everything.

That realization of your Unique Gift—which flows from your Unique Perspective, which is an expression of your Unique Self—creates your Unique Obligation. Obligation is a word that has gotten lost. We think of it as something that is imposed on us by our parents or a church or a culture that we don’t fully identify with. We think of it as imposed by external persons, variables. But at its core it is the unique expression of the love-beauty and love-intelligence that is you…

Obligation is the expression of you fulfilling the gift that is only yours to give, meeting the need that can only be met by you. That’s the joy of enacting your unique obligation. It’s not heavy or burdensome. It can be difficult or challenging, but it creates in you a sense of joy. Joy is a by-product of living your Unique Self.

~ Marc Gafni

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