Evolutionary We-Space – Unique Self, Part 9

Evolutionary We-Space – Unique Self, Part 9 June 20, 2014

Let me tell you a story. It’s about a sailor who goes to Tahiti with a friend. He is desperately looking for a wife. The tradition at the time was that you would negotiate with a woman’s father for her hand in marriage. He sees a woman who he thinks is beautiful. His friend doesn’t exactly agree.

The tradition was to sell the most beautiful women for nine cows. The father offers his daughter for three cows. The sailor insists on paying nine cows, despite the father’s objections. The sailor remains in Tahiti. Fourteen years later, the friend returns and he sees the most stunningly radiant woman he’s ever seen and his breath is taken away.

She is his friend’s wife. In conversation, the woman says that her husband called her a “nine cow girl,” and it made her into a “nine cow girl.”

Unique Self is the realization that every human being in their own special way is a “nine cow girl.” You don’t win an Oscar by playing someone else’s part in the play. You win the Oscar by playing your part to perfection. When a person begins to know that they can live their fullest truth and beauty, they begin to radiate that depth to the center of the community.

The community emerges the wisdom needed to evolve us to the next level of consciousness. It emerges from a community of “nine cow girls,” each complementing each other as puzzle pieces—seamless features of the universe.


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