Unique Self and Evolutionary We-space – Unique Self, Part 6

Unique Self and Evolutionary We-space – Unique Self, Part 6 April 1, 2014

Unique Self is the core technology in creating an evolutionary We-space, a space beyond any individual.

There are always two views of community. From the Western tradition, basically we are all separate selves. We can’t really come together, but we can give up some of our rights to be protected by the central government. No authentic communication is possible. Or—emerging out of a more continental philosophical tradition—is that the primary unit of reality is the community.

Neither of those positions in the world create a genuine We-space of collective intelligence. Separate selves can’t create a genuine new intelligence, so there won’t be a new intelligence.

True Selves—in the sense of classical enlightenment where we are one with the All—there is only one. The total number of True Selves in the world is one. That’s not a We-space, which has dynamic tension and creativity as a result of people who are different.

How do you create a We-space?

Unique Self is your puzzle-piece nature that naturally connects you to another even as you both realize you’re both part of the larger seamless coat of the universe. We are both part of the larger One, but both stunning expressions of that One.

Unique Self becomes, therefore, the essential and only technology that can create evolutionary We-space.

~ Marc Gafni

"Interesting look, thanks Doc!"

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