Maria is a post-Christian thinker and writer, working towards theological innovation and imagination, informed by asking new questions of god, community, faith and church, and has taught and lectured all over the U.S. after a 10-year tenure of working with theological schools. She has recently released her first book, Safer than the Known Way: A Post-Christian Journey. Maria holds a Master of Arts in Religion and Theology as well as a Master of Arts in Christian Thought. She has also spent time pursuing research interests that include Philosophical Hermeneutics and Continental Philosophy. Maria also holds a Doctorate from Wesley Theological Seminary in the Cambridge track, studying the intersection of faith, theology and culture in a world where the philosophical landscape is ever-changing. As a teacher of things Christian and post Christian, Radical Theology and post theist thinker, a purveyor of story and faith futurist, Maria is passionate about moving into the future with a contextual faith that matters. Maria has gone from native New Yorker to transplant Minnesotan to living in the South of France and has recently moved from SoCal to the UK, as she has recently married and settled there with her British husband. You can find Maria podcasting on Sacred Anarchies: A Post Church Podcast and curating content and theological coaching on her Patreon. Read her first in inaugural Patheos post here.