May 25, 2020

My wife Grace has miscarried and whenever I think about it, I tear up as it feels like someone is missing and our Fab Five should be the Stellar Six. I pastor men and women who ask me, with tears streaming down their face and trembling in their voice, what happened to their deceased child. Some have suffered miscarriages, others had abortions, some experienced stillbirths, and others had a baby die in infancy. One woman I know has endured some... Read more

May 25, 2020

Vacations are a wonderful way to make memories for you and your family – even when they don’t go exactly as planned! But what does our desire to get away and rest say about us, or the world we live in? Watch as Pastor Mark explains what makes vacation so great – and how getting away gives you a taste of what heaven will be like. Read more

May 22, 2020

One of the most painful counseling sessions I have ever sat in as a pastor was with a godly young couple. Sitting in my office, they began by smiling as we opened in prayer together. I had no idea what they wanted to discuss with me and so I asked them how I could serve them. Immediately, the dear woman’s face changed, and she began weeping uncontrollably as her husband held her and also began weeping. He explained that they... Read more

May 21, 2020

When people have a question about the Bible, they often ask their pastor. When their pastors are not sure about the answer, they tend to ask a theologian who has studied the issue to help them formulate an answer. One of the most painful and complicated questions that a pastor gets is what happens to a baby who dies in the womb (e.g. miscarriage or abortion) or dies at a young age. Unlike some questions like how old the earth... Read more

May 20, 2020

The loss of a child is devastating, whether that child’s life ends in the womb of its’ mother through miscarriage or abortion, or sometime after birth. With so many lives ending young, the question of what happens to a baby or child after they die is incredibly important for those who are grieving and reveals a lot about the character of God. For Christians who believe the teaching of the Bible, the child has a sin nature that separates them... Read more

May 19, 2020

As a new Christian and Senior Pastor in my twenties, I will never forget one of my first funerals. A godly young couple gave birth to twin boys born prematurely. One lived. The other died. It was haunting to preach before a very little coffin while looking at the grieving parents holding just one living son. Anyone who has miscarried a child, had an abortion, held a stillborn baby, or been to the funeral of a little one has asked... Read more

May 18, 2020

The loss of a child is deeply personal and painful. My wife Grace and I are very blessed to have five healthy children, but several years ago Grace also suffered a miscarriage. It was a deep loss for us both, and we’ve shed a lot of tears over the years. When someone loses a child, it is a deep emotional pain that is accompanied with a need for compassion, love, empathy, and support for those grieving. There are painful things... Read more

May 15, 2020

On earth, my favorite person is my wife Grace and my favorite place is wherever Grace is. We’ve been together since March 12, 1988. Thinking about life without her for one day, let alone eternally every day, sounds more like hell than heaven to me. Many people feel the same, which is why they wonder if they will still be married in Heaven. Obviously, the possible answers are yes or no, so we will consider each. 3 Arguments for Being... Read more

May 14, 2020

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers On earth, it is not uncommon to find that your pet is a lot easier to live with than people. You can fail at something miserably, have an awful day feeling like you are a crash test dummy over and over, and your dog still wags their tail and is guaranteed to be the only person who is incredibly... Read more

May 13, 2020

Today, the whole planet is gripped by a global fear of death. Bad news fills every day from death counts climbing up, and financial markets tumbling down. One thing that helps everything is knowing what has gone wrong with the world, and what God’s plan is to make is all right forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. Sadly, however, this great rescue plan awaiting God’s children and creation is not much taught in detail, leaving people with a lot of... Read more

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