Many Christians are in an uncomfortable position discerning how to live in this post-Christendom and pre-Kingdom world. One error is thinking everything is political. Read more

People outside the church are frustrated when people inside the church fail to see that there should be a clear division between the two. They feel that Christians are out of line when they treat the culture around them as if it were their church. Honestly, as a Bible-teaching pastor I agree to some degree. Some Christians are wrong in how they understand the relationship between church and society. Read more

If you want to have painful conversations that ruin your relationships, perhaps a good place to start is with politics. Read more

Christianity is about love that changes people. We should in love accept people wherever they are at. We should in love invite all people, starting with ourselves, to turn from sin and turn to God. If at any point God’s people fail to echo God by turning from their own sin and lovingly inviting others to do the same, then we are in fact simply no longer living as Christians. Read more

I have been a Senior Pastor for roughly twenty years. And while my neighbors have always been quick to throw off what they consider outmoded values, the pace of social change has picked up. In recent years, we have seen same-sex marriage legalized, recreational marijuana decriminalized, and physician-assisted suicide approved. Read more

Being a Christian today is a lot like being a kid and someone calls you a name. You just feel ashamed and put your head down and walk away. Read more

While the Bible says nothing about God being tolerant, it speaks often about God and his people being patient, loving, and forbearing. God tolerates us—as he seeks to change us—because he loves us. Read more

Intolerance is not just a Christian issue but a human issue. It is not a case of the tolerant versus the intolerant but the intolerant versus the intolerant. So how do we find our way forward? Read more

If there was one objection to Christianity that exploded to prominence in our research, it was intolerance. Read more

As a Christian there are many moments in life when you wonder whether the person you are privately should go public. Someone says, “Man, I got diagnosed with cancer” or “My spouse and I are splitting” and your first instinct is “Can I pray for you?” But then you wonder, “Should I say that?” Maybe a solid spiritual thought comes to mind, but then you question, “Should I share that?” Read more

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