Some students at a major state university approached me for help on a research project on world religions. They brought their own wide range of spiritual backgrounds. A few were international students. Some were Muslims, at least one was Hindu, and another was raised Jehovah’s Witness. The questions they pressed the hardest were about the exclusivity of Jesus as the only way to heaven. I tried to lovingly but clearly explain that Christians believe Christ alone saves because Christ himself… Read more

People outside the church have always thought we Christians are mistaken about Jesus and His claims. But their newest objections to Christianity have taken a harsher turn. These criticisms are not just vaguely intellectual. They get highly emotional. People believe our exclusive message is not only incorrect but immoral. This is a massive shift from head to heart. Today, people take issue not just with the Christian message—what we say—but how we say it. Some prefer we simply keep our… Read more

From our standpoint as Christians, a world full of religious options boils down to two things: good works or God’s grace. It is one or the other. Other religions require good works—living a moral life, obeying the law, reincarnating to pay off your karmic debt, etc. Christianity holds to God’s grace—getting to heaven not because of what we do but because of what Jesus has done. Read more

Judas Iscariot is the scoundrel of the Scriptures. Jesus taught him, loved him, and invested in him for three years. One day Jesus even took the role of the most lowly servant and washed Judas’ filthy feet. Judas was in ministry with Jesus but did not love Jesus, and all the while he pretended to be a friend of Jesus. Long before he betrayed Jesus with the kiss that led to the crucifixion (Matthew 26:16), Judas was on the path… Read more

In an effort to determine the most common objections to Christianity I commissioned a massive research project. Almost half of our survey participants (45%) agreed with the statement “Most Christians are hypocrites.” The focus groups we assembled to discuss the issue got intense as participants repeatedly felt free to bash Christians as hypocrites, often grabbing some headline about some Christian leader. I guess we could do the same thing and grab the latest headline about a teacher that has an… Read more

What is a Christian? A Christian is someone who is undergoing a theological, moral, and social transformation—a radical change in their thoughts, actions, and relationships. A Christian is someone who holds tight to the good news—the truth that Jesus died in our place for our sins, a fact proven by His resurrection from the dead. What is a hypocrite? A hypocrite is a person who does not preach what they practice or practice what they preach. A hypocrite is someone… Read more

Can you imagine if your obituary said this: “She abandoned her children…and will now face judgment…She will not be missed…this world is a better place without her” (1)? Shocking its readers, this exact wording actually appeared recently in a newspaper. The woman’s son explained the obituary saying, “We wanted to finally get the last word” (2). Most of us, if honest, have thought such things about someone. But, to put them into print by paying for an obituary to speak against one’s… Read more

The couple sat in my office and told me they were having marital problems. I asked them to be honest about what they wanted for their future. The wife said she wanted to be close with Jesus and her husband, and looked forward to becoming a mother. The husband said he did not want Jesus or his wife, and looked forward to getting divorced and moving in with his girlfriend. The wife burst out in tears. I was stunned. The… Read more

The cycle seems to never get old. Some Christian supposedly says or does something that someone somewhere finds scandalous. Whether or not the report is accurate, we rarely know and don’t really care. Why? There is no time for truth when the world wide web of weird commences the now daily sacrament of rotten tomato flinging. Immediately, a mob also begins their sprint to the hardware store for ceremonial pitchforks, torches, and enough spray paint to spell “hypocrite” in letters… Read more

Many Christians are in an uncomfortable position discerning how to live in this post-Christendom and pre-Kingdom world. One error is thinking everything is political. Read more

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