God’s plan is not that we have a standard that we compare our spouse to. Instead, God gives us a spouse as our standard. This is far more healthy, healing, and hopeful than our current culture of comparison. Here are three reasons why our spouse should be our standard. Read more

Christians and non-Christians end up disagreeing about sex, and most everything else, because they start at different places. Read more

God became a child. At every age, children can relate to Jesus, because Jesus was their same age at some point. Jesus was a baby who had to learn to walk and talk. Jesus was a young child who had to learn to read and write. Jesus went through puberty where his voice started to deepen and he started to grow a beard. Jesus had to take out the garbage, do the dishes, obey his parents, and get along with… Read more

To protect their children, parents should learn to be discerning and began to examine the three biblical categories of people by reading Proverbs: wise, foolish, and evil. Read more

When one of our sons was little, he spent the better part of a day in the pool. When he finally got out of the water, the skin on his hands was very wrinkled. One of the other kids in the pool told our son that he had been in the pool so long that he had permanently wrinkled his skin and that for the rest of his life he would have to live with the wrinkles. Our son believed… Read more

Some of our best parental memories from when our five children were young involve bedtime. We made a habit of having an age-appropriate kids Bible for each child. At bedtime each night, in addition to praying, talking, and sometimes singing together while snuggling up, we would read and discuss Bible stories. As the children got older, they would read to us, as well. As the children grew, we started increasing the depth of our dinner time discussions around a passage… Read more

Did you grow up in a godly home? Did your parents love Jesus, one another and you? Was the Bible opened in your home growing up? Did your family pray together and worship together at home and church growing up? The odds are that your answer to these questions is no. If your answer is yes, then you are very blessed with a rare family. For everyone else, we often do not realize how messed up our family is until… Read more

A Christian parent has a lot of complicated variables to consider in choosing how their child will be educated. Read more

One of the most mind-bending things we learn as a young child is about our planet and how it orbits around the sun. Can you remember, as a kid, trying to understand the massive concept that without the sun to orbit around, our planet would fly out of position and life on it would end? Your soul is like our planet. Just as our planet constantly orbits around the sun, our soul was created to orbit around God. Apart from… Read more

New. Christianity is all about what is new. When we become a Christian, we get a new Lord named Jesus, a new Father named God, and a new power through the Holy Spirit. We also get a new nature with new desires, a new eternity in heaven instead of hell, and a new family called the church. Every new year, people in and out of the church become very interested in new beginnings and new healthy habits made possible by… Read more

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