The Spirit-Filled Life of Jesus Christ (Day 1): Humility

“He [Jesus] shall bruise your [Satan] head, and you shall bruise His heel.” –God promising Jesus´ coming in Genesis 3:15b Jesus. If one word were to be chosen as the most important word in the history of the world, it would be the name Jesus. God preached the first sermon to our parents, Adam and Eve, shortly following their sin in Genesis 3; He promised that Jesus would come. From that day onward, God inspired His prophets to reveal in… Read more

God’s Answer For Your Anxiety

Pastor Mark shares a message with us taught at James River Church titled “God’s Answer For Your Anxiety” Read more

Ask Pastor Mark: What Do You Do When You’re Struggling to Pray with Your Family?

Some of us don’t know how to pray, or we don’t pray enough, or we only pray at the last minute when it’s some kind of emergency. Read more

Answers to 9 Questions About the Devil and His Demons: Part 1

Have you ever used this one, “the devil made me do it”? If we are honest, many of us have, even if half joking. But did he? Did the devil make you do whatever it is? Read more

Why Are There Different Bible Translations? Answering 4 Common Questions About the Bible Part 4

Why are there so many Bible translations? Read more

Should You Be Friends With Your Ex on Social Media?

What do you think? Should someone who seeks to live with integrity set some guardrails around their social media activity? Read more

Where Did the Bible Come From? Answering 4 Common Questions About the Bible: Part 3

Ever since the Bible showed up, there has been a big debate about where it came from, why it is here, and what we should do with it. Read more

Why Are Some Books in the Bible, But Not Others? Answering 4 Common Questions About the Bible: Part 2

Some people seem to wonder if the Bible wasn’t put together like a soccer team at recess. Did someone just pick some books and not others and call it the Bible? Read more

What is the Bible? Answering 4 Common Questions About the Bible: Part 1

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” – Jesus in Matthew 4:4 There is simply no book in the history of the world like the Bible. The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book in the history of the world, is the best-selling book of all time, and has become an integral part of cultural thinking. After all, who hasn’t heard phrases like the Good… Read more

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