Live Free and Attract Others to Jesus

Live Free and Attract Others to Jesus November 18, 2021

The gospel advertises spiritual freedom. Why then do many believers continue to live in spiritual bondage? I spent years feeling uncertain about my relationship with God. I questioned my salvation and struggle with depression. It was only through the process of rediscovering the power of the gospel that set me free. Believers must choose to fight to overcome religious, mental health and other spiritual bondage. As a result, they will naturally attract others to Jesus.

Live free and attract people to Jesus
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Although I fell into depression due to subtle religious influences, many come to the faulty conclusion their performance keeps them in right standing with God. This produces the unintended consequences of self-righteousness, which has plagued the church for two thousand years.

My new book The Art of Marketing Jesus is designed to unleash the power of the Gospel through the lives of ordinary people. As believers understand the incredible new covenant promises they have already received, Christ will live more powerfully through their lives.

Rules-Based, Ineffective Religion

Studies from the Barna Group have shown that over 50 percent of “self-identified Christians in the U.S. are characterized by having the attitudes and actions researchers identified as Pharisaical.” The implications of the data suggest that most believers have not internalized the essence of the new covenant and are instead heavily influenced by old covenant ideas.

There are only two possible outcomes that result from religious influences creeping into the lives of believers. They attempt to earn God’s approval and get burnt out. Or they measure themselves against under-performing people. Both possible outcomes put the believer in spiritual bondage and prevent the heart of God from reaching more people.

Let’s revitalize the connection between humanity and the authentic and captivating person of Jesus. This happens when believers learn to recognize the harmful religious ideas that still permeate their thinking. They must shed the old thoughts and replace them with the new covenant and its revolutionary promises. Only then will believers more effectively spread the Good News to others.

God’s Divine Marketing Plan

In the marketplace of worldviews, Jesus represents the most attractive and reliable option the world has ever seen. However, if believers want to influence the most amount of people, they must better understand the art and science behind how to market Jesus for the critical mission of saving souls. In short, believers must clearly define what the Gospel represents and embody its brand values for the world to see.

God’s divine marketing plan cuts through the noise to clearly define the Gospel “brand” through everyday people. The way forward involves understanding the dangers of legalism and how old covenant ideas still creep into our thinking today. Believers must learn how to differentiate religious systems from the authentic gospel, which will empower them to experience true spiritual freedom and become more effective brand ambassadors.

Whereas some books might offer Gospel truths to help people succeed in business, The Art of Marketing Jesus offers business truths to help people succeed with the Gospel.

Do you feel burnt out always trying to perform better to please God? Learn how to live spiritually free and attract people to Jesus. Sign up for Robert’s free, 3-part video series today, derived from the book The Art of Marketing Jesus.

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Robert Wachter is an author, speaker and coach. As the former chief marketing officer for a company that saw $6 billion in annual sales, and the founder of Imagine Church, Robert uses his experience across two dimensions to help others reach their full potential. You can read more about the author here.

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