The Art of Marketing Jesus

The Art of Marketing Jesus November 17, 2021

The title of my new book The Art of Marketing Jesus has caught the attention of many believers. Most love the title because it invokes a fresh take on the gospel. Others hate the title because (I assume) they don’t understand the premise of the book. Either way, believers are part of God’s divine marketing strategy—whether they realize it or not.

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The art of marketing Jesus isn’t about marketing gimmicks or commercialism. Instead, God works through everyday people just like you and me. Our ability to live free can and will attract people to Jesus. It’s really that simple.

The Essence of Marketing

The essence of marketing is neither good nor bad. It’s neither wrong nor right. Marketing is simply a combination of strategic and creative elements designed to convey the value of something to the world. It’s true that some crafty individuals use marketing concepts to deceive the masses, but that does not make the essence of marketing wrong.

Many people have misused wine, women and wealth, but that should not negate good men from associating with all three. Throw away every negative connotation you’ve heard about marketing. If believers want to live free and attract others to Jesus, we must understand the art of marketing Jesus.

Jesus Is Marketing Gold

Satan has packaged death and destruction into something that seems appealing. He has peddled the worst product ever known, namely, death, and made it appear tantalizing. Satan has done this through false advertising. All the more reason believers must align themselves with God’s divine marketing plan.

When it comes to conveying the value of something to the world, there is no greater message to convey than Jesus. Jesus represents the only worldview that can satisfactorily meet every intellectual, experiential and moral consideration. The problem is that self-described Christians often get in the way and misrepresent Jesus’ message to the world. My new book The Art of Marketing Jesus seeks to revitalize the connection between humanity and the captivating person of Jesus through everyday believers.

Grace-Centered Discipleship

I first started thinking about how to help believers attract more people to Jesus during the planning stages of launching Imagine Church. As a marketing executive for many years prior to entering full-time ministry, I thought about how some of the methodologies used to clarify the value of name brands in the business world could be used to deliver people from religious and spiritual bondage.

I immediately went to work creating a powerful and easy-to-understand guide to spiritual growth that has helped many believers internalize the life-giving promises of the new covenant and produce an abundance of love, joy, and peace in their lives—which is precisely the attitudes and characteristics required to attract people to Jesus. I’ve divided The Art of Marketing Jesus into three categories.

  1. The first part of the book focuses on how God intends to use everyday believers to attract people to Jesus. We are all broken people who need the power of God to transform our lives. The good news is that God specializes in doing extraordinary things through the lives of ordinary people.
  2. The second part of the book uses intriguing marketing concepts to clarify and articulate the simple message of the gospel. The only way to reflect the true heart of God is to first untangle ourselves from the subtle but deadly influences of religious thinking.
  3. The third part of the book introduces a highly effective grace-based guide to spiritual growth that is rooted firmly in the promises of the new covenant. We often get stuck in the performance trap because we put works before the power of grace.

If you are tired of rules-based, ineffective religion and want to help others see the authentic Jesus through your life, perhaps it’s time to see the gospel through a new lens. It’s possible to live a spiritually free, grace-filled life while also attracting others to Jesus.

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About Robert Wachter
Robert Wachter is an author, speaker and coach. As the former chief marketing officer for a company that saw $6 billion in annual sales, and the founder of Imagine Church, Robert uses his experience across two dimensions to help others reach their full potential. You can read more about the author here.

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