Miriam Marston offers a simple song…

Miriam Marston offers a simple song… April 23, 2012

for the Easter season:

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  • Lovely, thanks for posting it.

    • You should check out the rest of her album too. It’s really, really good. And the title, “Luggage of an Optimist” was inspired by G.K. Chesterton. 🙂 It’s available on Amazon.

  • Posting this was probably meant to inspire. But it only served to make me feel stupid. You see, I bought this entire album (Miriam Marston’s “Luggage Of An Optimist”) a while back and have listened to that particular song over 60 times (according to my iTunes)… Yet I never understood it to be about the resurrection until now.

    I guess it helps me when there are pictures. I share that in common with other idiots.