Similar Explosions have been reported…

Similar Explosions have been reported… April 23, 2012

near Grover’s Mill, NJ and on Horsell Common in Britain. Intrepid reporter Carl Phillips will be reporting from Grover’s Mill in a few moments.

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  • MikeTheGeek

    Hmm…do we assume that any intelligent aliens bear the imago Dei, or are we free to open fire and see if they taste like chicken?

    You’ll notice that movie monsters never come ashore on the Texas coast.

    • You think we have the freedom to assume something?

  • Mike, as of now there are various unconfirmed and unsubstantiated rumors of strange creatures residing in the craters created by the impact, and even more outlandish reports of their strange weapons that—EAAAAAGH!

    For some reason we are unable to continue with the broadcast from Grover’s Mill, but we will return you there at the earliest opportunity. We return you now to our New York studio.


    • MikeTheGeek

      That does it! I’m firing up the charcoal! Wonder if I should serve white or red wine with Martian?

  • Chris M

    Didn’t Buckaroo Banzai already explain this whole thing? They’re Lectroids from Planet 10 by way of the 8th Dimension. geez..

  • TC