A Reader Needs Your Help

A Reader Needs Your Help May 25, 2012

She writes:

I walk my dogs every morning and a fellow dog walker is a former Catholic now baptist preacher. While discussing redemption I told him he had some very Catholic ideas. He wasn’t too happy about that. He claims he knows “everything” about the Catholic Church. He also told me he knows what a monstrance is and I just smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Then he asked me to quiz him. Ask him anything he said. At that point we parted ways on our walk. He is away on a business trip. While he is gone I am looking for 5 questions to ask about the Church that will make him think. He is not a stupid man and prides himself on his intellect. Perhaps you and your readers can think of some questions and answers I can present to him to give him a bit of a challenge. He’s the one who asked to be quizzed after all.

I’d start here. I’d also give him a copy of By What Authority?, from which that is excerpted.

Learned readers, feel free to add whatever questions you think might be useful here.

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