A reader wonders about…

A reader wonders about… May 29, 2012

Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus (“outside the Church, no salvation”):

Do you know where I can find a good explanation for Pope Eugenius IV’s CANTATE DOMINO in light of what the Catechism teaches about “no salvation outside the Church”. Out of curiosity, I looked at Jerry Matatic’s website ( yes, I am aware that he is outside the Church) and he has quoted from this document claiming it as EX CATHEDRA. It seems to me that the Pope here makes it clear that Jews, Protestants and all others formally outside the Church are lost. But I know that is not the position we hold. Can you help?

I’d recommend this piece by Fr. Peter Stravinskas.

For a follow up, here’s my take on related matters.

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