“All the bishops care about is sex”

“All the bishops care about is sex” May 16, 2012

A reader rolls his eyes at the current meme from the MSM Ministry of Truth as it goes to bat on behalf of their beloved “Vatican Disciplines Nuns and Bans Contraception Because the Church Hates Women and Sex” meme:

Meanwhile, the U.S. Bishops urge federal immigration reform, an end to the embargo in Cuba, applaud the repeal of the death penalty in CT, issue an ecumenical document on the connection between the Eucharist and environmental stewardship, call on the President to ban landmines, and argue that the Federal Budget must not reduce aid to the poor and vulnerable, thereby demonstrating their political partisanship and overall lack of concern for anything but “pelvic issues”. (http://www.usccb.org/news/) All *things you won’t read* in the New York Times. Maybe they missed the news releases?

The entertaining thing about the MSM is that the Church can teach about any number of things and, like a dog from the Far Side cartoon, the MSM only hear, “Blah blah blah sex blah blah blah”. Then they complain that the Church is obsessed with sex. It’s kind of cute, in a stupid way.

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  • Mike

    I’m reminded of what Chesterton wrote. Though writing about certain Catholic doctrines as seen by many Protestants, they are quite applicable to the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, as seen by the MSM:

    “…the Church is generally seen in the light of the last heresy. The Church is supposed to consist chiefly of the things of which that heresy happens to disapprove. So much of the Protestant tradition still remains that a great many people suppose that the chief marks of Catholicity are those which stood out as stains in the eyes of the last school of critics.
    Romanism is supposed to be made up of Popery and Purgatory and the Confessional, with the queerest things thrown in, such as incense and rosaries and the images of saints. But these were often the things most important to Protestants, not most important to Catholics;
    and not most important to the other opponents of Catholics.”

    The Well and the Shallows (1935)

  • “Desmond Morris says the Lepchas are obsessed with sex. (The Lepchas say Desmond Morris is obsessed with sex.)”. — John Sack, REPORT FROM PRACTICALLY NOWHERE

  • Steve P

    But here’s the deal– where do most people, including Catholics, get their information about the latest doings of the bishops? (Hint: It’s NOT http://www.usccb.org)

    And the all-out media blitz and campaigns that *have* been promoted most vociferously have to do with … same sex “marriage” and the HHS mandate. Where would anyone get the idea that all we care about is sex?

    In the latest effort to show what our Church is against, they are beginning an investigation in to the Girl Scouts. Wouldn’t it be nice to promote what the Catholic Church is *for*, rather than what She is against?!? I know those things don’t sell beer and shampoo, but then why do we keep going back to the same playbook?

  • dpt

    Heard a member from the Catholics for Free Choice state during a recent radio interview that “the old men at the Vatican are focused on pelvic issues.”

    The radio journalist accepted this without any comment. Well, isn’t the raison d’etre of Catholics for Free Choice merely pelvic issues?

  • Amy P.

    It is the culture. The Church has to address issues of chastity and sexual morality because our culture is so seeped in it. The Church must address the spiritual failings of the current age.