Extreme Musical Coolness

Extreme Musical Coolness May 24, 2012

In the words of Kip Dynamite, I love technology.

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  • Not to mention this guy’s obvious talent…geez.

  • Clever and really well-done! Thanks, Mark.

  • KML

    “Hey! Hey! Hey, guys! I’ve got a great idea for a performance! Let’s do a vocal version of the Star Wars Theme! No, it’ll be great! I mean, the WHOLE THING, Death Star zoom in, awards ceremony, everything! We’ll score every single part and divide it up and rehearse it and record it, and it should only take about 3 months of dedicated work! You with me? Guys? Hey, guys? Where are you going?”

    • KML

      (Seriously, what this guy did is really, really cool. I shudder to think at the level of skill that went into this.)

  • This is actually just ONE GUY. He’s like Pomplamoose, only solo and without instruments. He also says he doesn’t modify any of the tracks.

  • trespinos

    Listening to this is great. I totally admire the talent. Watching that one facial expression for four minutes is, was, beyond me, though. Like it as an mp3, perhaps; as a video, not so much.

  • Margaret

    My teen was ragging on how geeky this was. Then at around 1:40 she goes, “He’s doing ‘A New Hope.'”