Feel Safe or You May be an Enemy of the State

Feel Safe or You May be an Enemy of the State May 30, 2012

It’s just a matter of time before Caesar decides that not every heel is in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and (under the doctrine that Everywhere is the Battlefield in the War on Terror) decides that an increasing number of domestic crimes by citizens are “terror”.

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  • victor

    …or that every “military-aged” male in the general vicinity of a terrorist is no longer considered a “civilian” when the death tolls are tallied.

    • Not only will “military-aged” male (Shoot, we’re equal-opportunity in the military now! Why limit it to males?) be a “militant”, but any dead kids will just prove how dastardly those domestic terrorists are, trying to recruit and shield themselves behind children! Does their perfidy know no bounds? Don’t worry, We’re From The Government And We’re Here To Help (Or Else)™.

  • Dean

    The face on that drone has an uncanny resemblance to Quagmire, from “Family Guy,” if anyone else but me watches it. Better hold on tight to your daughters too!

  • TOM

    Sometimes I think Osama won…this is a terrible idea…all we need are some yahoo cops looking int my life on a regular basis. ..I wonder how long it will be before some drone gets caught peering into windows of unsuspecting women while they change….cameras suck too

    • Andy

      I have had the same thought – Osama won because we no longer trust one-another, we now have a government “hell-bent to protect us” in any way possible, even if it means going to jail for our own good, the government uses drones and who know what else to spy on us, to protect us of course, we have pumped trillions of dollars down a rat-hole with no return, we have lost thousands of young Americans and caused the death of how many innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the list endless…
      And what do we have to show for this – America in shambles, anger at an all-time high, loss of prestige at home and abroad, massive deficits, and the ruling class ignores this and fools around with who knows what all so they can keep their life styles. Yes Osama did win.

  • Robert

    i am not worried. aclu is here to protect me. tom tomorrow told me.

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    You can buy an extremely quiet — almost silent — drone at Brookstone RIGHT NOW. It has a camera. It is controlled from a iPad. The kid who was running the damned thing flipped the iPad around so I could see the picture it was transmitting. Of ME. He made it do loops and rolls. It hovered silently.


    • Gary Keith Chesterton

      The damned thing costs only $300.

    • TC

      Curtains — hah!
      We can see thru walls, pal, and don’t you forget it.

  • Rich Fader

    When Tom Tomorrow does the “Mr. Butts” thing funnier than Garry Trudeau, I think it may be a sign of the End Times. (Actually, when Tom Tomorrow does anything funnier than Garry Trudeau…granted, the bar’s been pretty low lately…something’s gone horribly, horribly wrong with the world.)