Further Recommendation for What to Do With our Ruling Class

Further Recommendation for What to Do With our Ruling Class May 25, 2012

In addition to stripping our elected officials of all financial gain beyond their salaries for their elected office and putting it into a fund for wounded veterans, with a proviso that any protest means immediate induction into the military or prison, I also think that the entire management of Goldman Sachs should immediately have all their personal wealth confiscated and put into that same fund for wounded vets. After all, the vets were doing all the fighting and dying while these vampires were enriching themselves by clever forms of theft from their native land in a time of war.  I think that’s treason.  Once stripped of their stolen wealth, they should then be sentenced to a life helping homeless vets find work.  If they protest, they should be immediately inducted into the Army and sent to Afghanistan to clean toilets and be the last to be allowed to leave, after repeated tours of duty.  If they cavil at cleaning toilets, they should be given the task of scouting ahead of patrols for IEDs and be buried in a landfill if they get killed.  They should also be kept in separate barracks from our honorable troops, since decent people should not have to be forced to socialize with such loathsome parasites.  When they return from Afghanistan or whichever other war of empire our Ruling Class launches next (and they should never return till all our eternal wars are over) homeless vets should be hired to help get them set up with low-income housing and food stamps.  Then they should be taught a useful trade, making things with their hands.

Just some thoughts this Memorial Day as I contrast the valor and self-sacrifice of our troops (indeed, one of our troops sent me  the link) with the disgusting treasonous parasitism of these Human Ticks on Wall Street.

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