It Shouldn’t be the Case that Somebody Like This has to Be Described as “Courageous”

It Shouldn’t be the Case that Somebody Like This has to Be Described as “Courageous” May 31, 2012

A reader writes:

After learning last week of a married transsexual who publicly dresses in standard men’s attire because he doesn’t want to embarrass his wife, I decided it’s time.

A clinical psychologist friend has been urging me for several years to write of my experiences as the ex-wife of a homosexual – a huge and rapidly-growing need in our society. He wants me to write a book, which is just more than I can handle right now; revisiting the history for the Diocese’s marriage tribunal, four, five years ago, nearly drove me to drink! (I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was pretty desolate.)

But I think I can handle a blog – short entries, fragments of reflections and information that are relevant to the cultural crisis and to the realities of just what our husbands’ homosexuality means.

I’m not going to ask you to take a look – although if you would, I’d be grateful. It’s getting some very good reviews from a couple of notable Catholic writers and thinkers whom I’ve met through Facebook and the Catholic Writers Guild, but I decided to label the thing PG-13 for content and language and not pull any punches; that might make some of you uncomfortable, and I certainly understand that – which is why I’m warning you of it now.

What I do ask, however, is that you hold me in your prayers, and that – when you meet someone who might be encouraged and helped by it – you give them the link. I don’t think there’s a family left who hasn’t been touched by this in some degree.

I’m posting under a pseudonym because the gay lobby is playing dirty, and there have been episodes of violence against opponents around the country. I’m not quite ready for martyrdom, not even if they kill me quick and it doesn’t hurt.

The blog is Surviving the Rainbow

Thank you for your support and your love.

That third paragraph from the bottom is why some refer to the Gay Rights movement as the Sexuality of Peace.

Just a few bad apples? Tell it to my reader.

"Lol , says the modernist paperback theologian par exellance."

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  • “The Sexuality of Peace” — Hadn’t heard that one before, but it is apt. Ouch.

    I’ll be praying for this poor woman. One of the first things newly out homosexuals learn from their brethren in the lifestyle is how to wage emotional warfare on their kith and kin. And many of them do so without scruple, leaving a gaping hole with a huge blast radius in their families. Such individuals and their families need prayer in the worst way.

  • ds

    Tell it to who? Are you missing a link at the end there?

  • Kubrick’s Rube

    Reminds me of that joke from Myq Kaplan: ‘Don’t let them marry each other! Make them marry…’

  • Louise

    That is a great blog.