It’s a consolation, after last week…

It’s a consolation, after last week… May 10, 2012

…to find that in my comboxes I am out of my new and unaccustomed role as Horrible Apostate Defender of Homosex for the crime of admiring a chaste gay man and not feeling bound to pry into his private life (favorite combox comment so far calls for subjecting me to a “canonical trial”, declares “I am going to work to expose you as the fraudulent ‘orthodox apologist’ you are” followed by that classic of Christian passive aggression: “I’m praying for you” spoken through gritted teeth and eyes glittering with malice) and back in my normal role as Horrible Oppressor of Homosexuals because I fail to capitulate to the meme that in thirty years any Catholic who believes marriage is between one man and one woman for life will be regarded with the same contempt as a Mississippi racist and the Church will totally capitulate. You know, the way the Church has totally capitulated on abortion, contraception, Arianism, sola scriptura…


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