Much bustle this week

Much bustle this week May 21, 2012

I have a big project I’m pushing through *and* we have to get ready for the Annual Shea Expedition to Our Hidden Island Redoubt. Writing being a zero sum game, something’s gotta give, so I will be scarcer here this week.

However, I love you all and am grateful for your readership, so I’ve pre-loaded some stuff to launch while I’m busy with other work. Please play well with others in the comboxes. I remain, as ever, your crushing and oppressive Dark Lord.

"Likely both in equal measure. Though the Pope has some powerful allies -"

Virtue Signalling
"The obligation to treat white people with respect is "civility".The obligation to treat brown people ..."

Virtue Signalling
"Note how you deflect from the question--and with a lie, no less. I have, on ..."

Virtue Signalling
"Where on earth is that written in stone?"

Virtue Signalling

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  • John

    Hmmm. That’s what we need. We need a “redoubt”. Do you know where I can get a deal on any decent “redoubts” around here or did you have to build your own?