The Totalization of War Continues

The Totalization of War Continues May 16, 2012

As our Police State continues stampeding us toward an eternal war footing in which Everywhere is the Battlefield and Everyone is a Combatant, it only stands to reason that we should get little consolation trinkets as gold stars for being good citizens of the totalizing War State. So lawmakers are looking to hand out Purple Hearts to civilians who suffer from domestic terrorism. Next step: expand the definition of “terror” to cover more and more of what we used to just call “crime”. The step after that: use the lawless tactics we’ve deployed abroad against citizens.

Oh. Wait. Obama’s already granted himself the power to murder and indefinitely jail any citizen he decrees to be an enemy of the state. So we’re safe. Enjoy your trinket. You are a Good Soldier for fighting for our Dear Leader.

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