This is Extremely Cool Guerrilla Art

This is Extremely Cool Guerrilla Art May 21, 2012

A reader writes:

Hi Mark, thank you for your dedication to the church and your great blog. I was wondering if you could do something amazing? I came across recently a Catholic evangelical project by an anonymous London artist. The artist made quite stunning paper cuts for each of the stations of the cross and published a devotional booklet featuring the 14 stations. Each station corresponded to a station on the London Underground metro system. The last station is King’s Cross. The artist left the booklets on the underground system for people to come across and liven up their commute.

There is an exhibition of the paper cuts at St Mary’s church near King’s Cross, London, next week. The opening night is next Saturday May 26th at 7pm and is open to all. Could you mention it on your blog? The paper cuts are being auctioned here. I personally have already bid on Station III – all proceeds will go to the great, great Catholic charities Mary’s Meals & SVP, as well as London based arts group The Bard School. It would be great if as many people could bid as possible! I’m sure some of your subscribers would be interested.

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    Dang. Left London yesterday. I’ll be in Germany by then.

  • Sally Wilkins

    These are amazing. Thanks for sharing this, Mark.

  • James H, London

    Great stuff! I love that this is getting noticed!

    Some of the money raised also goes to the Bard School, which is an organisation devoted to encouraging Christian artists. Here’s the text of the notice the artist sent out:

    Dear Bards,

    During Lent I initiated an art project called the Stations of the Kings Cross, where I linked up the Stations of the Cross to tube stops leading towards Kings Cross, and produced a booklet with paper-cut illustrations, which I have been leaving around tube trains and churches and posting free to anyone who requests one.

    You can read a little more about it, and view the illustrations at and

    Instead of having the papercuts just sitting on my desk I decided to try and sell them (by silent auction) to raise money for a couple of charities: Mary’s Meals, The SVP, and THE BARD SCHOOL.

    This email is really a very warm invitation to the opening of an exhibition which will take place on 26th May (which is the eve of Pentecost) at St. Mary’s, Somers Town, just round the corner from Kings Cross. (Map.)

    It starts with an evening prayer at 7pm, followed by refreshments, live piano music, some poetry performance by Sarah (if she is not completely burnt out from a couple of highly exhausting weeks) and an opportunity to place a bid on the stations artworks. There will also be free Stations booklets available.

    If anyone else wold like to perform, that would be possible too. The people attending the event will be Christians interested in the arts, just the kind of folk that bards might like to meet 🙂

    It would be SO GREAT if you could help spread the word about the event too, so please do invite any friends who you think would be interested. It should be a really lovely evening and I hope we will be able to raise some money too!

    Most of you probably know who I am, though I do prefer to be anonymous in regards to this project,

    Very much love,

    Your sister in Christ.

    ⦵ ♕ †

  • Theodore

    Wow! Shame more people don’t know about it, bids seem a bit low.