Yes, yes. I realize it’s a ritually impure source

Yes, yes. I realize it’s a ritually impure source May 23, 2012

…full of leftist cooties and other terrible defiling things. Still, I think the actual facts discussed in this article should be troubling. The actual function of the police is supposed to be to defend the common good from criminals, not to entice marginal people to be criminals and provide them with the means to do it so that they can then be arrested and held up to public view in order to make the cops look good.

Note to Lefties: This is Obama’s FBI doing this. He is not your friend.

Note to Righties: if they frame Occupiers today, what makes you imagine for a second they won’t frame prolifers tomorrow? Do recall that the DHS has listed prolifers as potential domestic terrorists. A compliant media would hail an indiscriminate “crackdown” on prolifers with the same unquestioning docility to the State narrative that it hailed this story of the Righteous State vs. Terrorist Bad Guys.

Note to all: It’s not Left vs. Right anymore. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

HT: Caelum et Terra

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