Ignorant Armies Clash by Night

Ignorant Armies Clash by Night June 4, 2012

So some hyper politicized right wing culture warriors in some little Indiana church decide to draft their four year old kid as a child soldier. They press him into singing some ditty about “no homos go to heaven”, never stopping to ask themselves why, in the name of sanit,y a kid that young should be press- ganged into have to think about homosex–or any sex–at all. In this, they live out the curse of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism by making themselves, yet again, into the mirror image of the thing they hate rather than setting their minds on Christ Jesus and becoming like him. Result: exactly like gay extremists, they wind up trying to sexualize children at an extremely early age in their narcissistic need to win a culture war battle that is rooted in their own egoism. It’s as disgusting as creeps who want to force pre-schoolers into classes to “explore their sexuality”.

Of course, opposite evils feeding off one another,gay extremists can’t let these selfish jerks vanish in well-deserved silence. Nope, the church is now receiving death threats from the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.

These people are peas in a pod. They need each other. There’s something incestuous and vampiric about the way they feed off each other. I feel compelled to make a nerdly pop culture reference to describe the inescapable impression I get from stories like this.

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  • quasimodo

    what on earth makes you think this idiocy has anything to do with conservatism? it’s just the over lap of venn diagrams.

    • Sal

      Exactly. Paraphrasing my dad: There is no racial, ethnic (or political or religious) group that has a lock on stupid.

  • Art

    Those people are not conservatives, they are nuts. It would be like saying priests that abused children is the thing that used to be Catholicism. SMH

  • Ted Seeber

    From the Article: “”Of course we applauded a child who is singing a song about God,” the person added.”

    Just goes to prove what I’ve always suspected- to fundamentalists, the Bible is all the God they know.

  • Ted Seeber

    Worse yet was the commenter who didn’t know the history of the term “Gay Paree” wasn’t about being carefree- but rather about being promiscuous.

  • JonathanR.

    I can’t help but feel that the Visigoths are getting a bad rap here…

  • Dante the poet had a group of sodomites jogging through the cleansing flames of the cornice of Mount Purgatory which punished Lust; meaning, of course, that the homosexuals (at least if we can take a poet as the theologian) do indeed go to heaven. There they will meet St. Mary Magdalen, a whore, and St. Paul, a murderer, and St. Constantine, a politician, not to mention St. Dismas, a thief who hung on the cross next to Jesus. If they are in heaven, I doubt they will spend the time boasting about whose sins are less dreadful than whose.
    Having the free exercise of religion is no doubt a fine thing, but the price we pay is that the real Church that follows the real Christ cannot punish these false followers of false Christs and scandalizing the heathens.