Ignorant Armies Clash by Night

Ignorant Armies Clash by Night June 4, 2012

So some hyper politicized right wing culture warriors in some little Indiana church decide to draft their four year old kid as a child soldier. They press him into singing some ditty about “no homos go to heaven”, never stopping to ask themselves why, in the name of sanit,y a kid that young should be press- ganged into have to think about homosex–or any sex–at all. In this, they live out the curse of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism by making themselves, yet again, into the mirror image of the thing they hate rather than setting their minds on Christ Jesus and becoming like him. Result: exactly like gay extremists, they wind up trying to sexualize children at an extremely early age in their narcissistic need to win a culture war battle that is rooted in their own egoism. It’s as disgusting as creeps who want to force pre-schoolers into classes to “explore their sexuality”.

Of course, opposite evils feeding off one another,gay extremists can’t let these selfish jerks vanish in well-deserved silence. Nope, the church is now receiving death threats from the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.

These people are peas in a pod. They need each other. There’s something incestuous and vampiric about the way they feed off each other. I feel compelled to make a nerdly pop culture reference to describe the inescapable impression I get from stories like this.

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