I’ve always thought it was bunk

I’ve always thought it was bunk June 14, 2012

…that the apologists for gay “marriage” had declared–pre-emptively and with a vanishingly small statistical sample–that The Kids Are Alright and that gay “marriage” not only won’t harm children but is actually tremendously good for them. They have to say that crap, of course, because the mission all along has been “Let’s fundamentally alter the most basic structure of human society to suit the narcissistic demands of a minority whose power and influence is vastly out of proportion to the population.” That requires a good deal of lying, shouting down and torquing the truth, as do all “What could it possibly hurt?” social movements of modernity marketed and sold for mass consumption.

Only now, real research is, earlier than gay “marriage” advocates would like, suggesting that it will hurt children quite a bit–as anybody of common sense could have predicted and as coming years will only verify. As it does, the fallback position will be, as it is for the heterosexual culture of divorce, that children are “resilient”. Because, in the end, gay “marriage” was never about children. It is overwhelmingly about the narcissism of gays and the demand that homosex be, not merely tolerated, but approved, and that critics and perpetrators of Thoughtcrime against homosex be punished and silenced by the force of law.

It remains to be seen whether American culture will, yet again, fall for the “What could it possibly hurt?” phase of human history on this question as it did with No Fault Divorce. Odds are pretty good it will, but you never know. If it does, the next generation will get to experience the inevitable “How Were We Supposed to Know?” phase of human history that always follows big, stupid, societal choices to ignore some bleeding obvious fact of the human condition. Eventually, somebody will point out that the Church warned of all this a long time ago. But they will be shouted down by people in the media saying, “What? And roll back all the progress we’ve made since the ‘teens on fundamental human rights for Animal Fanciers and Man Boy Love? What is this? The Dark Ages?” The day is coming when Catholics will be condemned by Forward Thinking people, not for permitting sex with minors, but for condemning it.

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