Jeepers I love Marc Barnes!

Jeepers I love Marc Barnes! June 29, 2012

He writes:

Introducing to you wonderful people, a grassroots movement in opposition to the use of artificial contraception, dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe. This website is the secular answer to artificial contraception, and contains tons of arguments from the fields of medicine, sociology and philosophy.

Check out:

Why the health benefits of the Pill aren’t health benefits at all, darnit.

How Condoms Ruin Sex

The Pill and Female Sex Drive

and all of our arguments located right here. (more coming, of course).

We’ve got videos, we’ve got graphics, we’ve got t-shirts on their way. We’ve got bloggers, twitter, tumblr, and of course our balling facebook group “Bring Sexy Back“.

I truly believe this website will help to create a popular shift in opinion in regards to the use of artificial contraception.

The dude rocks the house.  Love the guy!

"He has left Patheos. Google "Stumbling Toward Heaven""

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