Superior Soviet Technology

Superior Soviet Technology June 5, 2012

"Inadmissible means you can't do it. Nobody uses "inadmissible" to mean "intrinsically evil." Does the ..."

Where Peter Is on the Death ..."
"Irreversible damage, yes, but the same in kind? That's a bit of a stretch. There's ..."

Where Peter Is on the Death ..."
"Sure, and I won't deny that there are nativist elements in that chant, and in ..."

The Use of the Unborn by ..."
"For the latter I reserve the word ""admirable''. I don't admire Trump, nor do I ..."

The Use of the Unborn by ..."

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  • Spaciba for posting this, Comrade Shea! I am sure the Dear Leader will reward you properly for this at the next Party Congress. I hear Siberia, I mean the Crimea is lovely this time of year.