The Invaluable Marc Barnes…

The Invaluable Marc Barnes… June 11, 2012

applies the tenderizing mallet of his inimitable prose to what remains of the indigestible gristle of credibility that is Catholics for a Free Choice.


Aging geezers: Zero. Barnes for the win. That kid is all kinds of awesome.

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  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Wow! The comment thread over there will hit 400 soon. Discussion about whether baptized Catholics who dissent from Church teaching over grave matters remain Catholic.

    Answer: No. A Catholic who rejects any teaching of the Church is a heretic. “There are, therefore, two ways of deviating from Christianity: the one by refusing to believe in Christ Himself, which is the way of infidelity, common to Pagans and Jews; the other by restricting belief to certain points of Christ’s doctrine selected and fashioned at pleasure, which is the way of heretics.

    • At the risk of duplicating that comment thread – i’m not sure that it is quite that simple. First needs to be answered the question “What is a Catholic” – and the answer needs to be canonical, not just various shades of philosophical. Is heretical the opposite of Catholic?

      Mark – I’d love it if you would weigh in here a bit (not a jolly joke I promise 😉 ) since my knowledge of the issue is rather slim once I started to think about it for longer than a moment….

      • Mark Shea

        Heretical is a piece of Catholic. Catholic is believing and trying to do what the Church teaches. As far as I know, nobody is Catholic, including emphatically, me. That’s why I judge *ideas* as non-Catholic but don’t waste time judging people as Catholic or non-Catholic.

      • Ted Seeber

        A Catholic (Capitol C) is a Christian in Communion with The Bishop of Rome. That’s why we refer to the small c Eastern Orthodox Churches merely as “Eastern Orthodox” while we refer to our brothers in other Eastern Rites as Eastern Rite Catholics.

        Everybody outside that union is a heretic. The only question is how they dissent and why.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Marc’s got a ton of readers, more than a few of which are very angry people who disagree with him. His comment sections are all pretty long and pretty angry. I admire him for simply not engaging some of the rage.

    • Gary Keith Chesterton

      Hey Marion (Mael Muire), which suburb of Washington do you live in? Maybe we could get lunch.

      • Marion (Mael Muire)

        Mr. Chesterton, in deference to my husband’s request, whenever I go online, I keep the details of my identity, place of residence, etc. an enigma. From everyone, except the site owner.

        Bill believes a lady should divulge far less about herself while online than most of us seem to do, (and my husband is always right.)

        Anyway, thank you for your very kind offer, though. Please keep us in your prayers, and I will you in mine, as well. Thank you again, and God bless you and yours.

        • Gary Keith Chesterton

          Now if only I could get MY wife to defer to my requests! ;^)

  • thomas tucker

    A little off-tpoic: is this guy related to Fred Barnes, the political commentator? The resemblance is amazing (allowing for age.)

  • Andy, Bad Person

    So, back to your new name: People With Subscriptions to for the Results of the Sexual Revolution Which Was Fun Where’d It Go Don’t Sue Us Please.

    is possibly the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time.