The Only Warning Sign You Need…

The Only Warning Sign You Need… June 8, 2012

…that you live in a deeply sexually deranged culture is that the media offers “Seven Warning Signs that You *Might* Have a Porn Problem”.

I weigh 800 pounds. I *might* have a problem with gluttony. I will have to eat seven meals today to test that theory.

I’ve murdered seven people. Those murders *might* be warning sign that I have a problem with murder.

How about this? Do you look at porn? You have a problem. End of story. Now confront the problem, repent, go to confession, get treatment. Porn is your mortal enemy, not something to shilly-shally with. Put it to death and put the Holy Spirit in its place. God is your friend and will help you with great mercy and patience for your failings and weakness. But you *start* with the clear-eyed admission that if you are looking at porn at all, you have a problem.

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