I love it when John C. Wright really gets going!

I love it when John C. Wright really gets going! July 5, 2012

Here he is, responding to somebody who certainly isn’t me or anything so don’t even guess that it is (even though it really is), refuting my entirely correct thesis that we are never getting off this planet in any serious way, never going to meet any extraterrestrials, and never going to colonize another planet, much less another star system. Time travel is out. Utopia is out. Interdimensional travel is out. Look for humanity in a thousand years and you’ll find us right here, unless Jesus returns first. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

How does John do rebutting that? He passes with flying colors! His vision of what is true is much more fun and interesting than my vision of what is merely factual. Go with truth over fact every time.

Plus, he reworks the Drake Equation to calculate the number of probable Space Princesses! What more can anybody ask of a writer? You should go read him, not me.

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