New Abp. for San Francisco

New Abp. for San Francisco July 30, 2012

Militant mob of Angry Tolerance Thugs Gathers with Pikes and Torches to Smash Free Speech and Thought.

Speaking of which, You’re Doing it Wrong.

The basic posture of the average American about most pelvic issues is “Don’t make me mind somebody else’s business.” So gay “marriage” is gaining support (especially among the young and inexperienced) because most people don’t want to be bothered with what is perceived as crashing into somebody else’s private ceremony about something or other and protesting it. “If gay people want to pretend to be married, whatever. Let them have the pretense,” is the attitude of average Americans.

Conversely, because the average American posture is that of wanting to be let alone and not press-ganged into fussing about the private lives of others, most Americans are also not going to bother with gay brownshirts attempting to shout down and smash the free speech rights of some guy who makes chicken sandwiches. If he thinks marriage is between a man and a woman and he makes good sandwiches, people will eat the sandwiches and regard with detached bemusement the spittle-flecked fanatics who are trying to shout him down. If the spittle-flecked fanatics are smart, they will back down, as the mayor of Boston did when people began to react to his fascist attempt to bring the state in to impose his views on a private business.

If the fanatics are dumb, they will conclude that the bemused and uninterested average person is the enemy for failing to join the jihad and that he needs to be crushed too. My money is on the spittle-flecked fanatic not figuring out that he is wrong and eventually alienating the easy-going average person with his over-bearing fanaticism. Spittle-flecked fanatics do not have an admirable track record in the self-reflection department. That’s why they do these jihads and that’s why Chik-Fil-A business is booming in response to them.

Andrew Sullivan, to his credit, gets this.

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