Nifty cool software from Logos!

Nifty cool software from Logos! July 3, 2012

I just downloaded a really nifty piece of software from that is going to make study of the Catechism way easier. They’ve got a lot of cool stuff. You should check ’em out if you are looking for some very easy and helpful Catholic study resources.

There’s a little tutorial here so you can get a sense of how it works.

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  • Rob

    Wow. Thanks, that tutorial was great. I got this software last week, and was totally frustrated with it. But the tutorial opens up some functionalities that really make the purchase worthwhile.

    Though I am still a bit disappointed that the iPad version has a very reduced functionality. It would be great to be able to do the cool searches and cross-references as part of pre-bedtime reading 🙂 But oh well, it’s my fault for not reading up on the iPad app beforehand.

    • fgh

      The iPad version hasn’t been out very long. They’re still working on it.

  • Brennan

    I was going to get the Catechism set but ended up buying the Catholic Foundations collection. Really impressed with this software and how it integrates all its resources.

  • Bob

    I think it is really important to get the additional resources (Canons of the Council of Trent, Vat I and Vat II documents, etc.) in addition to the CCC for this software. One key point made in the vid is that when you can ‘interlink’ these resources together, you can begin to use the CCC as the entry-point for further (more detailed) studies, instead of just using the CCC as a summary of Catholic teaching and practice of the faith.