The College of Saint Mary Magdalen seems promising

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen seems promising July 5, 2012

Established as a residential, Catholic liberal arts college in 1973 and located in Warner, New Hampshire, the College of Saint Mary Magdalen seeks—through the rigorous study, discussion of primary texts, and through its vibrantly Catholic student life—to call their students to the life-long pursuit of intellectual and moral virtue, following Christ who is the source of all virtue.

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen is one of only 20 colleges in the U.S. to be named to the Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College . The College seeks to serve her students, their families, and the greater Church by providing a premiere Catholic, Great Books, liberal arts education rooted in a vibrant, traditional, liturgical, and sacramental culture. This education is complemented by attention to the fine arts, a course of studies in Rome, and preparation for professional life, calling all within her collegiate community to a life of faithful discipleship.

Check thou it out!

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  • ds

    Will they offer free, or at least discounted tuition to recovering whores? I would like to open a half-way house on campus for girls that don’t go all the way.

  • Dave R

    Alma Mater of Simcha Fisher, if I’m not mistaken. Another point added to its ledger?

    • Dave R

      After a quick Google I guess I’m wrong – she went to Thomas More in NH. Apparently there used to be quite a few problems there but they are undergoing renewal. Simcha blogged about it here:

      • Simmy and all of the Prevers including my wife Devra studied with Dr. Peter Sampo (co-founder of Magdalen in the 1970’s) and Dr. Mary Mumbach. Most of them studied at Thomas More (institute, then College), which Dr. Sampo left Magdalen to found with Dr. Mumbach. They are no longer affiliated with that school. Their most recent endeavor, the Erasmus Institute, brought its program onto the Magdalen campus last year. The programs are integrating slowly and Dr’s Sampo and Mumbach are both faculty members at CMM. Good things are indeed happening there under the leadership of Dr. George Harne, a serious, scholarly and pious man. May God bless them, perhaps even with the children of those who read this. Here is another post about the school:

  • jcamara

    Here is a recently released promotional video for the college.
    I will be entering my senior year there and cannot recommend it highly enough.