The great thing about having a Dem in the White House…

The great thing about having a Dem in the White House… July 27, 2012

…is that nothing bad ever happens. You can run a hospital like Dachau and your military brass will cover it up and the MSM will look away.

Special bonus: Your press secretary doesn’t even have to know the capital of Israel. Nobody will Dan Quayle him. It’s common knowledge that only conservatives are dumb. Lefties simply have “lapses.” Fundamentally, they are so smart they can smash Christian conscience and crush the Church because they are in the Vanguard of History. They are led by one who is, ‘ow you say, “A Lightworker — An Attuned Being with Powerful Luminosity and High-Vibration Integrity who will actually help usher in a New Way of Being“. When you’ve got that kind of cocksure mojo about your superiority to the Unwashed, you don’t have to bother worrying about your unfamiliarity with elementary facts concerning boring people who aren’t in your circle of the Best and Brightest.

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  • Rosemarie


    The original Obama=Lightworker article is still online, so one could link directly to that:

    I can’t help but find the part about JFK being a “Lightworker” amusing. Are Lightworkers typically serial adulterers? Was he just trying to raise that intern’s “vibration” when he deflowered her on his wife’s bed? What we know about JFK now hardly makes him look all that spiritual or enlightened. Just another sinner like the rest of us fallen children of Adam.

  • Seamus

    It’s misleading to say that the press secretary doesn’t know the capital of Israel. There is a long-standing debate about whether the United States should recognize Jerusalem as the capital. When Israel moved its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 1950, the United States refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital and left its embassy in Tel Aviv, because its position (shared, by the way, with much or most of the world) was that the status of Jerusalem was not one that could be determined unilaterally by Israel. (The 1947 partition resolution by the U.N. General Assembly said that Jerusalem should be a “corpus separatum,” included in neither the Jewish state nor the Arab state to be set up in Palestine. Our State Department has, not an embassy, but a consulate in Jersualem, in recognition of the special status of that city, and the consulate is identified as the consulate for “Jerusalem,” not for either “Israel” or “Palestine.” ) In recent years, pro-Israeli politicians in the U.S. have been trying to force our diplomats to move the embassy to Jerusalem. The Obama administration (like the Bush administration before it, and the Clinton administration before it, and the Bush administration before *it*) doesn’t want to move it. I’m sure the press secretary is well aware of the question of whether Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, knows the arguments on both sides of the question, but simply doesn’t want to open that can of worms on camera and be quoted one way or the other. If I were in his position, I’d do the same thing.

    • Richard Johnson

      True, and I believe that the Reagan, Carter and Nixon administrations held similar positions regarding the capital of Israel, or at least the location of the US Embassy. But of course, when you suffer from (insert President name here) Derangement Syndrome, facts like that seldom matter. After all, what is truth anyway but what we want it to be?

    • Paul

      Israel just called, and said Philadelphia is our capitol. It was before, and they prefer that because Washington DC can turn some people off. Isn’t up to a country to decide what city is their capitol? The spokesman made a mistake. Big Deal. If we like it or not, the nation of Israel views Jerusalem as it’s Capitol.

      • letterman

        Dear Paul: FWIW, there is only one CAPITOL. It is a building in Washington, DC, the CAPITAL of our country. Jerusalem is the CAPITAL of Israel. Not the CAPITOL. Carry on.

        • ivan_the_mad

          That wasn’t petty or anything.

          • S. Murphy

            Never attribute to pettiness what can be adequately explained by OCD

      • Andy, Bad Person

        I think the argument is that Jerusalem isn’t in Israel, nor is it in Palestine, at least according to the 1947 resolution.

        A better analogy than the Philly / D.C. analogy would be if we tried to declare our national capital to be Toronto. Israel, and every other country, would have a right to deny that change.

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          Nope, that’s not a better analogy, its a different one.

          Try again.

          • Andy, Bad Person

            Ah, the “nope, because I said so” argument.

  • I thought that the official US position was that Israel has the right to decide its own capital and when the time is right, the US will move its embassy there. Unspoken is that when the time is right, the palestinian problem will have been solved. We’ve been doing this dodge for longer than I’ve been on this planet. Press secretaries get briefed on important diplomatic formulas they need to use in certain sensitive matters. Carney did not use the well established formula. That’s a gaffe.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    As mentioned, Jay Carney clearly knows about the dispute over the Israeli capital, he just refused to be goaded by a “journalist” Connie Lawn, who is most noted for her coverage of skiing (BTW, you won’t get Benedict XVI to say Jerusalem is the capital, either–the Vatican has long proposed Jerusalem be made an international city. )

    As for a “MSM” cover-up, there’s an investigation in Congress that is being covered by the major outlets–heck, the link you provide includes a CNN video! And, while a general has been implicated in a cover-up, there is NO evidence of any White House involvement.

    As for that misquoted piece of sarcasm from 2008, well…

    Mark, Obama is not the anti-Christ. Bishops and priests are not being imprisoned. You are not going to earn a glorious martyrs robe while being fed to lions during a Super Bowl halftime show.

    Let it go–paranoia doesn’t suit you.

    • Mark Shea

      I didn’t say Obama was the antichrist. He is, however, an antichrist, one of a very long line. He is attempting to compel Catholics to do something directly repugnant to the teaching of their Church and informed Catholic conscience. That’s the action of an antichrist.

      • Seamus

        You didn’t say that Obama was the antichrist, but you at least strongly implied that his people are “unfamiliar[] with elementary facts concerning boring people who aren’t in your circle of the Best and Brightest.” But, as I explained, what Jay Carney shows was, not unfamiliarity with the capital of Israel, but a refusal to be trapped into answering either “Tel Aviv,” which would cause him to be accused of failure to acknowledge reality, or “Jerusalem,” which would cause him to be accused of acquiescing in Israel’s unilateral alteration of the status of Jerusalem. Carney wasn’t going to play that game, and I don’t blame him.

        It makes no sense to give the Obama administration a bum rap when there are so many other things that you can legitimately beat them up over.

        • Seamus

          The “Emergency Committee for Israel” understands the game the questioner was playing when she tried putting Carney on the spot and, what’s more, they want to join in it. (What I hadn’t realized until I saw their video was that candidate Obama had no problem recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when he was pandering for votes in 2008. I’m not sure whether he knew at the time that the question wasn’t as simple as he was making it look or whether the folks in the State Department explained it to him after he took office.)

  • Cynthia

    “When you’ve got that kind of cocksure mojo about your superiority to the Unwashed, you don’t have to bother worrying about your unfamiliarity with elementary facts concerning boring people who aren’t in your circle of the Best and Brightest.”

    I came to the Patheos website in the hope of civil discourse that allows people of different faiths and beliefs to discuss issues respectfully. There are plenty of places on the internet for hyperbole. We don’t need more of those: we need places where we can engage compassionately with one another. As a liberal American, I fully acknowledge that some people of my beliefs have acted in the past and continue to act in an arrogant and superior manner. I hope that, you, too, are able to acknowledge the faults and foibles of people of your own worldview.

    And, then, once we’re through admitting our own weaknesses, perhaps we can do a much better job in trying to learn why we hold the views we profess?

    Peace To You,


    • Mark Shea

      Please take a look through my blog. You will find an abundance of acknowledgements of the faults and foibles, not only of conservatives (Google “The Thing that Used to be Conservatism”) but more importantly, of me.

    • Ted Seeber

      It is extremely hard for me to see liberals as good. This is part of the reason why:

      But Obama, I not only see as not good, but downright EVIL, because he claimed he wants to kill his own grandchildren:

      I hold the views I profess because I once was a liberal- and on March 2, 2004, with NO change in my beliefs, feelings, or politics whatsoever, I became an anti-Gay Catholic Bigot for supporting Civil Unions for both heterosexuals and homosexuals:

      It was then that I realized that not only was liberalism as bigoted and hateful as the KKK or any other right wing group, but that *I and my family were among people that the liberals wanted to exterminate*.

      On that day all hope I ever had for a Civilization of Love died- and I realized if there was ever going to be hope of it again, we’d have to start building monasteries, convents, and communes for the preservation of Charity from the Barbarian Darkness.

  • Will

    Sorry Mark, but I see an attitude here that is just as bad as what you claim the President’s to be.

    • Mark Shea

      I’m sorry I’m so mean to people who cover up Dachau conditions for political gain. O the humanity!

      • Will

        It is not what you say as much as the way you say it.

        • How do you say, “our politicians are serpents who will do anything for a political gain,” in a way that does not sound unkind?

    • ivan_the_mad

      Sorry Will, but I see an attitude here that is just as bad as what you claim Mark’s to be.

      • Confederate Papist

        Sorry i_t_m, but I see an attitude here that is just as bad as what you claim Will’s to be.

        This is fun!!

  • Deborah

    Attuned being? Predicted by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson in his book Lord of the World, published in 1904.

  • Rich Fader

    Oh, Jay knows it. Everybody knows it. He just can’t say it without getting in trouble. And everybody knows that.

  • I just read the book “The Amateur…Barack Obama In The Whitehouse” by Ed Klein. Great read with lots of insight on things that helped form Obama’s beliefs and shape his administrations policy.