The Smallness of the Internet Atheist

The Smallness of the Internet Atheist July 16, 2012

So there’s some dude with the handle L.W. Dickel who has been trying to post here (unsuccessfully thanks to my sleek, leonine ban filter). He posts the same profanity-ridden blasphemous rant over and over again and, as is always the custom with these social inadepts, congratulates himself for being a Thinking Man. After the third or fourth try, I got curious googled his name to see if he was simply filled with hate for this blog or for theistic blogs in general. Turns out the dude is in comboxes everwhere, cutting and pasting the exact same blasphemous monomaniacal rant again and again.

Because Thinking Men cut and paste.

Extreme abrasiveness *and* monotony. So many in the internet atheist community explain their massively unpleasant social ineptitude by claiming it is a sign of their superior intellect. Those with normal social and affective abilities, whether theist or atheist, are inclined to disbelieve this self-congratulating narrative and try to suggest that a life spent cutting and pasting insults against somebody you insist is not there is not indicative of mental and social health. But so far Thinking Men like L.W. Dickel don’t seem capable of thinking about that–or much of anything beyond monotonously cutting and pasting the same profanity-laced blasphemy.

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