As I say, Obama’s Going to Lose

As I say, Obama’s Going to Lose August 14, 2012

Feel the enthusiasm.

That’s nothing but good news since he is an enemy of the Church and of human life, as well as a tyrant.

The only down side is that his opponent will win. Who knows! He might even eliminate the HHS mandate (unless the enormous popularity of free contraceptive candy moves his weathervane-like will to continue the policy if that’s the way the wind is blowing). We’ll see.

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  • Oh, I do love clever parody songs/videos! Especially when they are making a point! Clever satire can bring a king down faster than a thousand battalions …

  • John H.

    Mitt is only gaining traction in Red states, which helps him in no way. Obama is gaining traction in swing states. Ohio and Florida are becoming bluer, and Mitt can’t realistically win without them. After four years of continued wars, continued economic failure, rampant unemployment, and the ever increasing encroachment of Big Brother, Obama’s poll numbers should be in the tank. But they’re not. He’s going to have another four years. We’ll get even more draconian regs that will make the HHS mandate look like child’s play. I’m not saying vote for Romney, I don’t particularly care for the guy. By all means, vote your conscience. I doubt the GOP will listen, but we can’t have another Mitt in 4 years if we want to turn our country around.

    • Romney is behind in the polls because, once again, the GOP found about the worst candidate they could get. It’s noteworthy that there have been about a dozen cases of people referring to the ticket as Ryan/Romney in just a couple days.

      There is also the fact that, to hear the MSM talk, you’d never know there are any problems in our country. Why just last year, I remember Good Morning America doing a segment on how being unemployed can actually be a positive experience! When even the bad is given a good spin, and we are constantly assured that everything is really getting better, and that if it seems there are problems, that could just be a matter of partisan appraisals, it’s not hard to think that a number of folks will want to keep things are they are.

    • Kurt

      With all due respect I must disagree. While Romney is not guaranteed victory, things are much closer than some polls indicate. Many polling organizations at this point are sampling registered voters (and even some include people not even registered to vote!). These types of polls have generally favored Democrats, as there are more people registered as Democrats. Problem is, these people have to be enthusiastic enough about their candidate to get off their duffs and actually vote – many won’t (even if they will answer a telephone poll.) The most accurate polls, like Rasmussen, sample ‘likely voters,’ and Rasmussen has a dead heat between Obama and Romney now (47% each) in Ohio, an improvement for Romney over just last week. The averaging of all polls for Florida on Real Clear Politics puts Obama ahead by 1.4 % – well within the margin of error (Rasmussen has Romney ahead by 1%). Ultimately, in an election this close, it will be won by the candidate who generates more enthusiasm – and, judging by contributions from individual donors and turn out at rallies this week, the Republicans have a good shot it at.

      • Adrian Frazer

        Well it’s been roughly 2 months since your comment. How do feel about that prediction now? It seems you were quite incorrect. Romney would have to win 8 out of 10 battleground states to even come close to getting a win. But hmmmm…. Obama is leading at a predicted 100% in 6 of them. And since you like to use “past polling” as your backbone, maybe you might know that there is a 94% chance over many years of those being correct. And given Romney is behind in 40% of those states, there is virtually ZERO chance he has at winning this election. You may love Romney like a kid loves candy, but he still isn’t going to come within a universe of winning. But if it makes you feel all warm inside, “Romney is going to win”. Feel any better?

  • Rosemarie


    “Sometimes I think that Peace Prize winners shouldn’t have a kill list.” Classic!

    Though the song isn’t a total repudiation. It even ends with the plea, “In 2012 I need Obama that I used to know.” Why? So that he can again deceive you into voting for him the way he did four years ago? Face it, you didn’t “used to know” Obama; you didn’t know him at all in 2008. You’re actually pining for the Obama that you used to *fantasize*. You know him better now, and the reality is not nearly as pretty as the fantasy.

  • Matt Talbot

    Sadly, whoever wins, the real losers will be the bottom 80 percent of the income scale – the people that don’t have enough money to donate to presidential campaigns, and thus Don’t Matter.

  • jacobus

    The only thing that is keeping me going politically is the knowledge that, in November, one of these clowns will have his lust for power confounded.

  • There is no way Obama is going to lose, if for no other reason than that there is no way Romney is going to win.

  • EMS

    This election may turn out to be a case of “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”. I can’t stand either candidate. I’m voting for the US Christian Democratic candidate.

    • Thomas R

      Who would that be?

      • Pres. Obama. Yes, he is a Christian. Sadly, I don’t think the man was taught the whole Gospel. I seem to recall Obama saying “He’s not certain his sins are fully forgiven.” This was said during the Saddlebrook forum, four years ago.

        When I first heard it, I felt grieved in my heart and prayed for Obama. What about you? I, also felt for him, when I heard about his so called pastor. As the 2008 Election went on, I knew Obama would win and felt a need to pray for the guy. Yet, I don’t agree with his ideas.

        Today, I am not certain of what God is doing. I found it interesting that we have a “name only” Christian and Romney, a follower of a false religion seeking to run this country. It seems that we’re going to get a President that we deserve. By deserve, I don’t mean good.

        • Andy

          I think God is sending a message – on one side we have the worship of mammon and on the other moloch. Hell of a choice isn’t it – false gods from both sides. God I think is telling us that this is what we have become. We will get the president we have earned, I agree

      • EMS

        Joe Schriner. Google the US Christian Democrat Party. I suspect you’ll agree with most of their platform.

  • Scott

    Among likely voters, Romney leads. Remember, all these groups who showed up in mass to vote for hope and change last time, are staying home. If they get a call, they say yeah, we will vote for Obama, but you still have to switch off the satellite and get off the couch to go vote. That takes a bit of effort and the group that Obama leads decisively in is the effortless group.

  • Thomas R

    I think Obama’s probably going to win. I think he’ll win more weakly than he did in 2008, maybe a lot more weakly, but the Republican “brand” has not improved so much as Obama’s declined. Also Romney/Ryan is about equivalent to Kerry/Edwards. People often need more than just “not the incumbent,” R/R doesn’t give them enough more.

    I don’t think Republicans learned the right lessons from 2008. They almost seem to have leaned toward the idea that Bush’s problem was an insufficient libertarianism, or at least an insufficient appearance of libertarianism, and that people liked Reagan because they liked supply-side economics. The reality is people disliked Bush because the wars were badly handled, or unnecessary if you prefer, and he was fiscally irresponsible. Part of that irresponsibility was tax-cuts. And I really don’t think people liked Reagan because of supply-side economics. They liked him because he could be charming, optimistic, and flag-waving patriotic. (His Presidency had many problems, but that’s for a different matter)

  • LoneThinker

    Forget about opinion polls and political spin regardless of the sources. Study the issues, look at the Big Picture and the Common Good- not “what’s in it for me, as in JFK ask not what. Greed, power and hubris destroy individuals, Parties and nations.