Dear Gay Fascists, Come and Get Me

Dear Gay Fascists, Come and Get Me August 1, 2012

After the stunning boost to sales that the Boston/Chicago Fascist Chik-Fil-A Boycott and Attempt to Smash Thoughtcrime has been for Chik-Fil-A, I’m beginning to think that what I really need to do is incur the persecuting fury of the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.  Every time they make a move to crush another helpless person for the crime of failing to approve of homosex or gay “marriage”, it just sends more business to the victim of the persecution.  Get the state involved in suppression of Thoughtcrime and people with cardiovascular illness start dragging themselves out of bed just to eat fatty food to spite the bullies.  If I can get them to marshal the fascistic power of the mayors of Boston and Chicago against me, I may be able to retire after all.

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  • Confederate Papist

    Goin’ there for lunch today!! I may even take my sweet thing with me!!

    • Confederate Papist

      Went there for lunch…it was packed…PACKED, I say. Cars backed up on the road, line was outside into the parking lot….employees bringing water out to the folks waiting…all patrons were polite and in good spirits…great time even though it was a 45 minute wait…

  • Sherrill

    Had breakfast at Chick Fil A and will be there for lunch and supper.!!

  • William

    Headed there for lunch too. Going early as I’m thinking here in SC there’s going to be a huge crowd.

  • Chris M

    There’s always a massive lunch rush here in Orlando, but I’ll be grabbing a spicy chicken sandwich to go anyway!

  • Scott W.
  • Therese Z

    Just had breakfast. Wasn’t crazy about it (the burrito) but the hash browns were good. Heavens, those stores are CLEAN!

  • Sal

    Don’t know if Mark allows links to others, but Fr. Longenecker at Standing on My Head has a great one up about Chick-Fil-A and lefty hypocrisy. Pointing out, eg. that Mr. Cathy does not have a “Dad and Mom Traditional Marriage Sandwich” on the menu- but Ben and Jerry had “Hubby Hubby” ice cream.
    Worth a read.

  • JB

    Mark, you knew this comment with this song, was inevitable! HAHA!

  • We go there all the time. One more visit won’t hurt my diet. 🙂

  • Donna Miller

    Count me in. I’m in favor of gay marriage, but persecuting people who oppose it is just wrong.

    • Vision_From_Afar

      Seriously? Are you that dense? Donating millions of dollars completely contrary to a cause you claim to believe in (to hate groups specifically), willing (and able) to fire someone because of their “sins”? You don’t believe they should be boycotted for this?
      …I’ve got nothing.

      • ivan_the_mad

        “I’ve got nothing.” That’s the only part of your comment I agree with.

  • Brian

    Chik-Fil-A sandwiches taste like freedom. Yum!

  • Dave G.

    We’re going to go sometime this week.

  • My kids and I will be there for supper!

  • Ben

    Was just there. Was packed, and no one that looked like a protester anywhere around.

  • Renee
  • Miz Anna

    Headed there this afternoon for a late lunch with my daughter!

  • Who was it that planned this event for the first day of the Dormition fast? 😉

  • Peggy R

    Today’s the day. And a new franchise is opening tomorrow in our area too!

  • Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near a Chick-fil-A. There’s one down in Manhattan, apparently in the NYU campus, but it’s open only a few hours and may not be open at all during summer session. The next nearest one is in New Jersey. I might follow someone else’s lead and buy one of their mugs online

  • Derek

    It’s a shame that I only found out about this on the day thereof, and I have already ordered a pizza. That’s okay, though. I have never eaten at Chick-fil-A before, but when I saw the associated news, I was immediately determined to visit and “spite the bullies.” Spite them, indeed.

  • I got into a debate with progressives on another board. I don’t even know why I bothered, but to them, if I support Chick-Fil-A, I’m supporting ex-gay therapy and that nonsense about killing gays in Uganda.

    No. The issue is, I tried to say, that I don’t support junk like the above, but I also don’t support so-called progressives trying to paint me as a “violent homophobe” or a bigot because I don’t believe in same-sex marriage. They can legislate it, but progressives have no right trying to legislate my private thoughts. On and on and on. It was like talking to rocks in my garden.

    • Chris M

      I get the same treatment from people who are otherwise good friends. Apparently my opposition (ANY opposition, actually) to same-sex ‘marriage’ MUST, BY NECESSESITY, be motivated by “H8” or bigotry. It cannot be anything but that. Otherwise they actually have to..y’know..engage in actual argumentation with logic and facts and all that kind of thing.. which, to be honest, when you’re backed mainly by fuzzy sentimentalism wrapped in the iron fist of hysterical name-calling, the last thing you want to do is allow that any dissent might be legitimate.

      • Chris M

        and when pressed for facts, I keep getting two links. Both of which are links to pro-SSM groups who spin the info at hand so hard I’m surprised the entire planet hasn’t been sucked into a gigantic vortex of stupidity.

  • Wow. Now the speaker of New York City Council wants to kick Chick-fil-A off the NYU campus. Fortunately her fellow city council members think that is a bit extreme.

    Am I ever glad I bought that mug!

  • Mary P
    • Marya

      Meh . . . that was disappointing. I think the writer is missing the point. She seems to think that the support for Chick-Fil-A has something to to do with “judgement and condemnation,” presumably of gays and lesbians. When, in fact, it has more to do with supporting the right to hold one’s own beliefs. And how this is somehow symbolic of Christianity, I don’t understand.

      • Mary P

        You can support the right of the Chick Fil A folks to hold their beliefs. I certainly do. But that is a political issue. Nothing wrong with being political. Just don’t get being political confused with being Christian. I think that is her point.

        • Marya

          If that’s the case, then I think she’s mistaken in assuming that many people at Chick-Fil-A were there primarily as a demonstration of their Christian faith. From the comments and interviews I’ve read, defense of free-speech rights, which is a political issue, was the main issue, and it was ignited by the comments of Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Emmanuel and the other big-city mayors who tried to intimidate the company and its owner. The right of everyone, including Christians, to express their beliefs has to be defended in the political sphere, because it exists in the political sphere. No amount of idealistic, wishful thinking will change that, even for Christians.

          • Vision_From_Afar

            Bloomberg was in the right, for once, and doesn’t deserve a place on your list. He stated, yes, that he disagreed with their statement, but that they could apply for and receive a business permit like any other company if they wanted, and he wouldn’t stop them. Funny, that.

            • Rosemarie


              As long as Chick-Fil-A doesn’t use trans-fats, excessive salt, or serve sugared soft-drinks larger than 16 oz, Bloomberg will be fine with them opening more locations in NYC.

  • Liz

    I went to my local Chick-fil-A in New Port Richey, FL, about 40 minutes north of Tampa. It was around 6pm and the place was jammed. There was barely any room to move, and all tables were taken. The line was literally out the door and into the parking lot, and I waited about 45 minutes for my food. The drive-thru was also packed, and the line for that circled around the building and into other parts of the shopping plaza. When I left at around 6:45, employees were outside turning people away because they sold out of food. I saw several people from my parish, and also our deacon. Needless to say, this day was a huge success for Chick-fil-A.

  • Gary

    CFA store on Albuquerque’s West Side was PACKED. Took us an hour and eight minutes to get served, and the staff was working their rear ends off. Both lines (people and cars) were longer when we left than when we arrived. Would love to know their company-wide sales for today. It has to be a record by a WIDE margin. The Silent Majority showed up and supported True Marriage.

  • Well they do have that grilled chicken sandwich that’s supposedly not as heart attack inducing. But… bah! I prefer the Original Chick-Fil-A Sandwich! Deep friend in peanut oil… With a side of waffle fries, just for good measure.