Dear Tolerance Nazi Adam M. Smith

Dear Tolerance Nazi Adam M. Smith August 2, 2012

“Viciously bullying sweet, good, minimum wage people struggling to get by in a down economy is very persuasive of the justice of your position and engenders in me a powerful sense of sympathy for you,” said no one, ever.

The genius posted this vile thing yesterday in the sincere belief that he was some kind of hero for beating up this poor young woman and, as of last night, the revulsion-to-praise ratio on his Youtube page was running about 400 to 5. Then some clever people decided to search the web for his identity and began to post information on how to contact (perhaps the more apt word is “deluge” or “besiege”) his employer to inform them that they have a royal tool representing them on the web. Shortly thereafter, either due to a dim sense that he was not in the Vanguard of History after all, or perhaps because friends contacted him privately and attempted an intervention with the words, “For the love of God, stop helping Gay Marriage”, this bullying thug removed the video without comment o.r apology to the woman he chose to humiliate. He has also scrubbed his Linked in profile and is making himself extremely scarce. Good job, jerk.

Unfortunately for him, the Internet is forever. Copies were instantly made and are now circulating everywhere. He now faces the doom of becoming the Star Wars Kid, the Numa Numa Guy, and the Dramatic Chipmunk of Gay Fascism. Perhaps years from now, he will still be getting on elevators and having people point and whisper, saying, “It’s that jerk from the Internet!”

Congratulations dude. You have, better than most, really put a face on Gay Fascism and crystalized all that is ugly in this ugly, ugly movement. In your own way, you may well have helped Mitt Romney win this fall.

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  • victor

    Sidebar: I think ANY employer should be grateful to have such a patient, tolerant, soft-spoken employee who can represent their company so well under fire as that drive-thru employee did just then. I hear the top PR job at Chik-Fil-A is currently open. I can think of no better woman to fill it.

    • Rachel K

      This. I don’t know if I could have kept my temper as well as she did. All I could think while watching this was, “This is the woman he’s chosen to cast as the face of hate? Seriously?”

  • Well done Mark.

  • Vision_From_Afar

    So now the other side has an answer to Fred Phelps. The guy really is a tool who blew up at completely the wrong person, but that doesn’t make him representative of the movement as a whole.

    • Ted Seeber

      The problem is, unlike Fred Phelps, there does not seem to be just one of him.

      In March 2002, in Oregon, we had 4 of him holding elected office in Multnomah County.

      • As catalogued on this site, Fred Phelps can hardly be said to be the only “Jerk for Jesus.” It seems all sides in the Culture War support and/or tolerate subcultures enamoured of pugilistic confrontations like this.

        • ivan_the_mad

          For myself as a bad excuse for a Christian, I think it’s less “support and/or tolerate” than “just ignore them because they’re so batshit crazy” or “can’t prevent their opprobrium from extending into the forum”.

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          Speaking as a major jerk who is all for Jesus, I have to point out Fred Phelps isn’t ‘for Jesus”.

          He’s on record as being “for some alien group of mercenaries King David hired 3 millenia ago” or some such.


    • Bill Worrell

      Note the smug attitude and the heated bigotry so characteristic of the anti-bigot bigot. Note how he bullies the young woman in the name of anti-bullying and employs the language of hate in the cause of anti-hate. Notice how he transvalues the long, long, long held idea of mariage into a doctrine of “hate.”

      Nope, he is quite representative of the movement. He could be its poster boy!

  • John C

    The perfect liberal/progressive fascist. Being a ignorant punk makes him feel “purposeful”. Have a nice life, pal!

    • That was what got me. He felt “purposeful” for berating a young woman while wasting about $5 of gas to cost Chick-fil-a 2 cents.

      • John C

        Yup. It’s all about him. He’s “purposeful”, he’s in the game, he’s making a difference. I don’t know about you, but the girl in the window made a difference for me. Beautiful! By the way, check out Al’s comments below. Sheer genius!

  • deiseach

    Well, he was relatively polite – for being an idiot and a jerk. At least he didn’t spew four-letter words at the poor girl.

    But I see by a quick Google that he’s a “CFO” of a company, which I believe stands for “Chief Financial Officer”? Not too smart on the ol’ economics though, as he thinks taking a free water and not making any purchase is somehow taking money away from Chick-fil-A.

    Dear CFO and college lecturer, what happens when businesses do ‘free offers’ or ‘come in and try’ or ‘take a sample, no obligation’ is that they factor in the cost of this to their daily (or weekly, as it may be) expenditure. Businesses know that there will be a percentage of people who come in for the free water or cookie or paint sample or poster and not buy anything, and they account for this before they do their promotion. Otherwise, they’d be pretty dumb to find out they paid out more than they got in by running the thing!

    So, even leaving out the increased custom the Chick-fil-A restaurants got, they didn’t lose anything by you getting a cup of free water (heck, they might even – as a Christian company – be thinking they are doing no more than following the precept of Our Lord in “Anyone who gives a cup of cold water in my name”) but you, on the other hand, beside increasing the amount of smugness emissions in the atmosphere spent your time and money driving your car (and using up fuel) in order to make a point.

    Well, if it was worth it for you, presumably you’ll take the hit to your wallet.

    • John C

      “Smugness emissions”. Perfect!

    • Justin

      Actually he just made them a small fortune in PR. Their profits from his little rant will make them millions. One other thing, I noticed how he keeps spewing propaganda about funding hate groups with citing a single example much less offing the slightest shred of proof to back up his claim. Kudos to the beautiful sweet woman in the window for taking his crap without stooping to his level. Thanks to this jerk, Chick-fil-a can afford to give her a big bonus.

  • Al

    Buddy Holly Frames: Check
    Urban Mid-Level Manager Software Gap Apparel & Haircut: Check
    Whiny & slightly effeminate cliched urban white collar White Guy Voice: Check
    Moralistic Self-Righteous John-the-Secularist Preacher Persona: Check
    Urban Smugness Factor on a Ten Point Scale?: A definitive Spinal Tap “11”
    Plus….the counter girl at Chick-Fil-A can now go home having committed the following data points to her long term memory memory banks….that the rude person at the drive up today is…..”Not even….Teh GHEY! “

  • J. David

    Adam M. Smith says he is not gay, but my gaydar went off and it says he is queerer than a football bat.

  • dpt

    “Then some clever people decided to search the web for his identity and began to post information on how to contact (perhaps the more apt word is “deluge” or “besiege”) his employer to inform them that they have a royal tool representing them on the web.”

    The divisiveness in our culture and the ease to pry into one’s private life gives me an uneasy feeling about what is coming next. I think we all need to take a step back and realize the other person who we are disagreeing with is our neighbor and not an enemy to be hounded.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I actually want to agree with you. My first thought after reading Mark’s post was that “it seems a bit much to look up this guy’s info and call his employer.”

      Your comment actually changed my mind. Here’s why. You said:
      The divisiveness in our culture and the ease to pry into one’s private life gives me an uneasy feeling about what is coming next.

      Ah, but wait a minute! Is he really entitled to a large degree of privacy since he posted this video himself? Linkdin is something you need to opt into, entering personal information yourself. If he posted the video himself, connected to a profile of information that he himself made public, I have a hard time thinking that that’s intrusion.

      Also, the guy’s a bully, a real life troll. Such people thrive on anonymity, and publicizing their identity may work. On the other hand, such publicity can take a nasty turn if the calls turn to harassment, threats, or worse.

      • Ted Seeber

        I always troll under my own name.

    • LUKE1732

      I merely posted a query via their website asking them if they thought it was OK to boycott a company’s products because of the personal beliefs of the executives.

    • Corita

      Well, multiple websites have posted links to the document listing signers of the petition to put gay marriage on the MD ballot, with some commenters objecting to the idea of it– but most of them describing their thoughts on what to do to those signers.

      Now, a lot of their thoughts are nothing more than “I will send them all letters! To show them that I am just a normal human being! Like them!” but it’s the people who *don’t* post their incredibly naive but overly intrusive ideas changing people’s minds on gay marriage, that I worry about.

      I also worry that, all you have to do now is *work* for a company or sign a petition to bring a democratic vote, and you are at the receiving end of name-calling and stereotyping.

      • Corita

        …I meant to convey, at the end of my comment, the internet-searchable category you get put into, no matter what your motivations are for signing the thing, which could potentially become your label as an individual citizen.

    • deiseach

      I would not want anyone to be hounded, and I agree that the ease of online searching and the amount of evidence we leave about ourselves is scary (why do you think I don’t post under my real name?)

      On the other hand, he deliberately chose to do this, in order to put up a video on Youtube about how purposeful he was, and he shoved himself into the public notice. Also, he had no problems making the young woman working at Chick-fil-A a public target – he didn’t block out her face or name-tag and even addressed her by name.

      Just imagine what might have happened if he had managed to convince a few online crazies that this woman was indeed a hater and the representative of a hateful, bigoted, enemy? How much stalking and trouble he could have been responsible for (if they have her name, where she works, and facial recognition software, I imagine they could track down who she is and where she lives)? I don’t hear him asking her for permission to use her voice and image online, or telling her that “By the way, I’m taping this and will put it up on Youtube”.

      So – sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander!

  • victor

    Smith seems all the more pathetic when you realize, given the long lines yesterday, how long he must have waited, idling his car at his own expense, just so he could have his one moment of “glory”. At least the Chik-Fil-A was getting paid for it.

  • J. David

    dpt? or is it Mr. Smith himself.

    “Then some clever people decided to search the web for his identity and began to post information on how to contact (perhaps the more apt word is “deluge” or “besiege”) his employer to inform them that they have a royal tool representing them on the web.”

    You seem to know a lot.

    • dpt

      dpt is me, and the t stands for Mr. Tracy.

      A recall a year or two ago someone in these blog comments who was ticked at Mark, had informed Mark that he was going to contact the churches that Mark was scheduled to speak at and inform them that they should not have Mark as a speaker.

      Ok, Mr. Smith is a petty bully. How much more does one need to know about him (where he works, lives, etc.) to know this? He exposed himself as a jerk, so is there really a need to track down more about him.
      With the internet, we are all now capable, like political hacks, in digging up dirt, and I don’t think that bodes well for us as a society in the long run.

  • Peter

    He pretty much got injured by a self inflicted wound. The prototestations on non-gayness as he pulls off hove back to high school literature class. Methinks thou dost protest too much!

    • ds

      What grade did you get in Lit? The “protest” in the bard actually means proclaiming to LIKE something so much that it appears disingenuous.

  • Eric

    With all the corporations that exploit the resources of foreign lands and our government that is bombing often innocent people all over the world everyday and you think you’re a good person because you go after Chick Fil A for a free water?

    That’s like punishing someone who uses bad language, in a room full of rapists and murderers, by saying mean things to their kid.

  • Julie

    He really thought he was making a stand by berating a young employee at the drive-up window? And he videoed his lame-o “protest” and posted it. I’m shaking my head, like the rest of you. I am impressed by the young lady also. It’s painful to watch narcissism trump common sense.

  • Dave G.

    Is it me, or is it getting hard to care when you hear the word hate. I know we shouldn’t stop caring because hate is bad. But it’s used so cheaply, and so often any more, it just doesn’t seem to mean as much as it should. Or at least that’s what I’ve felt.

    Oh, and I agree with everyone: kudos to the young lady who kept her cool. Giver her a promotion.

    • Ted Seeber

      Warning- that line of reasoning soon lands you in *actually understanding why other people hate* and *sympathy, if not love, for your enemy*. Oh wait, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing as Catholics to begin with. Carry on.

  • john

    I was struck by the fact that assumed that the group of college age students were there to have a sit in. I guess in his mind all young people are liberal activists who agree with him. Maybe as a university lecturer he assumes that his influence is that potent. Also do people do sit ins any more?

    • Dennis Mahon

      It’s the Pauline Kael Effect: “Nixon won? But…nobody I know voted for Nixon!”

  • Therese Z

    I used to think that jerks that behaved this way were parents-basement-occupiers with crappy jobs and too much video gaming equipment.

    But here again it’s somebody of some importance, some accomplishment, a professor and partner in a medical products company.

    That’s disturbing. If it was the idle useless, we could safely ignore them as arbiters of culture (and try to befriend them and get them out of their self-imposed dungeons). But it’s not. The hatred and scorn and disdain is coming from people of substance.

  • What saddens me is how bright and sunny her face was, and then it just fell. It was an awesome day until this one jerk drove up and…

  • math_geek

    Regardless of religion or ideology, if your moral code brings you to the conclusion “I should act like a complete douchebag to this person I don’t know,” then you are doing it wrong.

    One of several heterodox elements to my personal beliefs is my support for (legal) SSM. That only makes this bullying of Chic-Fil-A that much more depressing. Compounding this is the fact that I’ve operated a McDonalds drive through before. The job sucks. The poor wages and working conditions only amplify the imperative for basic kindness.

    One note to people posting his information, and thinking of taking advantage of it. Just because this man is an asshole does not make bullying him any better. There are no acceptable targets for cruelty. Besides which, sin is and has always been about how it affects you. Choosing to be cruel to a jackass corrupts your spirit nevertheless.

    • dpt

      “Choosing to be cruel to a jackass corrupts your spirit nevertheless.”

  • Ray Bones

    A Google search for news on this guy led to a statement from Vante, his employer, that he is no longer employed there. Also, their website is down. I think thay should hire Rachael form the Chic-Fil-A window to replace him.

  • Rosemarie
    • LUKE1732

      He’s disappeared from the faculty directory at Univ. of Arizona Eller College of Management also.

    • Meggan

      The guy was a major jerk and he makes me angry, but I don’t know why he was fired. He didn’t mention his company. He didn’ t say he was representing anyone other than himself.

      • Marya

        Probably because he is an officer of the company, and is being held to a higher standard (in regard to his public image) than a rank-and-file employee. In many companies, officers can be fired at will for bringing bad publicity, even when they aren’t intentionally representing the company.

      • Mark

        What this company faced was a person you went out of his way to show he cares little about employees and treats them like crap so in his own shallow mind he can seem to be important. I would not want this type of person as an officer in my company or even in my organization. They were right to act immediately to get rid of this type of person. I sent them an email of congratulations. However, don’t feel too sorry for this slob. There are many gay fascist organizations out there that would want this type of idiot to run their corporat intolerance programs.

      • Dennis Mahon

        Actually, he had a habit of doing this sort of thing; he also had a video (since removed) of him harassing a man who was carrying a cross across the country as an act of devotion. Mr. Smith would appear to have more than a slight streak of anti-Christian bigotry to his character.

        • jcwink

          wold like to view those!

  • Joanne

    All the disgust for this guy is well deserved, but I don’t see how charity is served by keeping this thread up.

  • It really bothers me to no end whenever I see liberals attacking a worker (also true with Christians who act like assholes). This woman is part of the proletariat 99% that many of us are supposed to fight for and treat with compassion due to their awful jobs for low pay. This Smith guy actually makes me wish there were to be a Marxist revolt.

    On another note, I was actually more frustrated by Senior Ass asking the worker why she was working for the corporation. Oh yeah, there are so many jobs that all of us with a conscience can just go work for an internet company and be dandy.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Strange, but as I was reading the latest comments, I could not help feeling sorry for this idiot, and I even said a little prayer… What a way to self-destruct a career that had appeared to be promising; and he cannot blame anybody but himself. I hope he is single and that his actions are going to affect only him, not a wife and children.

    • Rosemarie


      Yeah, I can’t help but feel sorry for him, too. Even if he did bring it on himself, this is not a good economy in which to be unemployed.

  • Laura
  • SecretAgentMan

    Just more proof that mankind needs a Redeemer.

    Like all offenses, it was a blunder. The symbolism of getting free water was canceled by the symoblism of adding a car to the long line around the restaurant. And nobody’s going to mistake the kid at the drive-up window for the corporate employer, so the videotaped rant brought inanity to the defense of gay marriage.

    Someday, and the day’s not too far away, people like this fellow will be doing the same thing, except on the government’s dime. Once they provoke any comment that questions state policy on sexuality, they can fine the restaurant and the employee for hate speech and maintaining a hostile work environment.

  • Irenist

    This poor foolish troll. He is in my prayers.

    Although I abhor his actions, I’m actually more troubled by the people that tracked him down online; it reminds me too much of the Eightmaps harassment that happened to traditional marriage supporters in California. We should never sink to the level of stalking people for disagreeing with us–even if it’s a huge jerk like this guy seems to be. Another thing to keep in mind: he probably really thought he was doing something courageous and helpful, even though he obviously wasn’t. And as the Catholic self-help author Matthew Kelly often reminds people, we never do know another person’s story. He might spend his weekends doing Dorothy Day-level charitable work, for all we know. Maybe his kindness is always the light of the day for his girlfriend or his parents or whatever.
    Anyway, I do think we ought to pray for him. He’s got some rough times ahead in this economy.

    • Faith

      I agree with you Irenist about the people tracking him down. Seems very spiteful. However, he did kind of ask for it by being so obnoxious and then be dumb enough to publish his place of employment. Dumb. Just dumb. He opened himself up wide for that one, when really he was only trying to stroke his own ego. We don’t know other people’s stories and now he’ll probably be filled with more hate (the hate he projected on to everybody eating at Chick fil a). That’s sad. However, I can also imagine that somebody with that kind of attitude and that much poor judgement was probably a pain to work with. I can imagine this just being the final straw! I really feel sorry for him. Definitely need to pray for him.

    • Elaine S.

      It seems pretty unlikely to me that a guy who was this much of a jerk could be doing heroic and charitable things the other 99 percent of the time — unless, perhaps, he’s bipolar?

  • This “open-minded” buffoon waited in line for who-knows-how-long to pick a fight at the drive through with a girl young enough to be his daughter, and even after she was sweet and patient with him, rides off feeling triumphant and more convinced than ever that this restaurant chain is hate-filled. Such is the pathology of the Obamazombie. Mark, you were too kind to this guy.

    Thanks for posting it, though. It is through their own words and deeds that their messiah will lose.

  • Jason

    What a prick. I’m sorry, but seriously? Badgering a woman who just works there?

  • John C

    If it is indeed true, I’m sorry this guy was fired. An apology and a bit of humble pie would have sufficed. Watch out, folks! We live in dangerous times.

  • Pancho

    Oh, Lord. I just saw the video and it brings back every bad memory I’ve had of working in food service, customer service and retail.

    The sad thing is, putting aside his motivations this guy is not all that unusual in his behavior. There’s something that makes people believe they can just dump on retail and service workers that way for whatever reason. Working at a national retailer (one that was poorly run, imho) I would often get complaints verging into rants like this guy’s. Yet when I’d suggest, even implore them to call the customer-service number (we had the phone number to give out), or corporate headquarters I’d usually get a reply of “that’s not gonna help”. Then why rant at me and my coworkers? I bet you they’re going to be talking about this in the break room for a long time.

    I feel bad for the guy, though. I think the key was something he said at the end about feeling purposeful. He thought he was serving a purpose and it backfired 0n him spectacularly.

    • LUKE1732

      People treat low-level employees like dirt every day and when they do, an apology is in order.

      But remember, the only reason any of us know about his rude behavior is because he added two extra elements to his action: 1) he went to the trouble of recording it for posterity and 2) he shared his recording with (literally) the entire world. He tried to embarrass an anonymous random human being on a grand scale to serve his “purpose”. He dug a pit in her path and fell into it himself.

  • I’m reminded of the lady on the schoolbus and her tormentors.

  • Karl Keating

    As Talleyrand said in a different context: “It was worse than a crime. It was a blunder.”

  • Mary

    If you are going to sin on the Internet expect to be on the receiving end of some spiritual works of mercy like being admonished and instructed on the Internet.

    • Sal

      Never too late to learn that actions have consequences.
      I’m thinking of the three young men who beat down an 87 yo in Chicago in broad daylight and posted it.
      What Therese Z. said. It’s not just stupid punks anymore.

  • Wendy

    Whar an idiot, he is!

  • SteveK

    Yep, he got fired. That was quick.

  • kim

    I’m glad that there were so many people willing to charitably challenge this man. But I caution that making this man a martyr is a mistake. Hounding him on the internet and calling him names is exactly the tactics that alarm me with the gay activists. Note we commend this young woman for not stooping to Mr. Smith’s level.

    As I saw it, he was not intending to attack an employee but was reacting to what he saw as oppressive and mean people lined up to support discrimination and she was the easiest target to express it toward .

    What worries me is that he’s a true believer that if a person distinguishes between behavior (sodomy) and who a person is (child of God), then they are de facto contributing to hatred. He simply really believes sodomy is irrelevant and to oppose the behavior is to hate the person. True believers like this are legion (at least where I live), and frequently appear to have no interest in civil discourse about this distinction. It’s becoming an either/or proposition in our culture, and he has helped to make it so.

  • John Henry

    Where’s the charity? I see a lot of rejoicing over the fact that a man’s reputation is being ruined online and that he will probably be fired for posting a thoughtless and petty video online. Remind me again who the good guys are here.

    • Rosemarie


      You’re obviously not reading very closely. Some posters have been expressing chagrin over how other netizens dug up personal information about him. Some of us even feel sorry for him losing his job.

      Whoever the good guys are, it’s definitely not him. The girl at the drive-thru window, yes, but not him.

      • John Henry

        True. I hadn’t read a lot of the comments; I was mostly referring to the original post.

  • John Henry

    Getting someone fired for this video looks a lot more like detraction than “charitable admonition.” Just sayin.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Rash judgment it pretty bad, too, huh? Please prove that anyone “got him fired.” For all we know, the company themselves saw the video and fired him.

      • John Henry

        Either way, how does linking to or posting this video help anyone in any way? I like Mark Shea a lot, but this kind of post is not constructive – it’s just a way to make those who disagree with you look bad.

        • LUKE1732

          How does misguided compassion toward a total jerk help anyone? All the while ignoring the true victims of his video – the girl, everyone else in the company, everyone else who might think about standing up for free speech or traditional marriage, everyone else who might think about posting an adolescent “gotcha” video on YouTube…

          I think Mark’s post today captures just the right balance of mercy and justice.

        • Pancho

          It’s a cautionary tale. It’s why we tell “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” to children. It says, “see what happens when you act foolish on youtube…”

          It also exposes jerkish behavior for what it is no matter how you justify it. As I said above, people act rude to lowly services workers all the time. This is what it looks like.

  • David

    As a CFO, the guy is a public representative of his company, and therefore it is entirely justified for him to get fired for this kind of harassing behavior. This video went completely viral and was all over the internet, so it was inevitable that his bosses would have become aware of it.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    Funny, if this well-mannered young woman had been at an LGBT street festival and this rude guy had been yelling, “You’re going to hell, sodomite!” you’d be defending his free speech rights, calling for his privacy to be protected, calling for his job be reinstated, and demanding that his family receive protection from death threats.

    I’ve seen a lot of hate the sin from Catholics, but love the sinner? Hell no!


    • Rosemarie


      Actually, I’d say he was acting rotten and out-of-line. I don’t like it at all when people act hateful toward homosexuals; we should love our neighbor. But thanks for pre-judging all of us here.

      • Pancho

        What Rosemarie said. But also, this lady was not marching, was not demonstrating, was not promoting any political thing. She was just doing her job. A low-paid, stressful job at that.

        LIke other posters here, I don’t condone harassing and jerkish behavior from anyone and I feel bad for him losing his job, but he brought in on himself for acting like a jerk.

    • Mark Shea

      No. I would say of such a goon what I say of Adam Smith. He had a perfect right to make an ass of himself. He did not have a perfect right to expect there would be no consequences. I would denounce the “sodomite” screamer as I denounce Smith. Sorry about your failure of psychic ability. But I guess you had to say *something* in order to try to justify this display of gay fascism. Way to rationalize.

      • dpt

        I would add he did not have the right to put this young lady in the spot light via Youtube.
        I’m sure–especially now–he would not want someone ambushing a family member with a video camera.

    • jcw

      Not the same analogy.

    • dpt

      A strawman…geez.

  • Kim

    Price of water and opinion-2 cents
    Adam M Smith being fired-priceless