Dear Tolerance Nazi Adam M. Smith

Dear Tolerance Nazi Adam M. Smith August 2, 2012

“Viciously bullying sweet, good, minimum wage people struggling to get by in a down economy is very persuasive of the justice of your position and engenders in me a powerful sense of sympathy for you,” said no one, ever.

The genius posted this vile thing yesterday in the sincere belief that he was some kind of hero for beating up this poor young woman and, as of last night, the revulsion-to-praise ratio on his Youtube page was running about 400 to 5. Then some clever people decided to search the web for his identity and began to post information on how to contact (perhaps the more apt word is “deluge” or “besiege”) his employer to inform them that they have a royal tool representing them on the web. Shortly thereafter, either due to a dim sense that he was not in the Vanguard of History after all, or perhaps because friends contacted him privately and attempted an intervention with the words, “For the love of God, stop helping Gay Marriage”, this bullying thug removed the video without comment o.r apology to the woman he chose to humiliate. He has also scrubbed his Linked in profile and is making himself extremely scarce. Good job, jerk.

Unfortunately for him, the Internet is forever. Copies were instantly made and are now circulating everywhere. He now faces the doom of becoming the Star Wars Kid, the Numa Numa Guy, and the Dramatic Chipmunk of Gay Fascism. Perhaps years from now, he will still be getting on elevators and having people point and whisper, saying, “It’s that jerk from the Internet!”

Congratulations dude. You have, better than most, really put a face on Gay Fascism and crystalized all that is ugly in this ugly, ugly movement. In your own way, you may well have helped Mitt Romney win this fall.

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