Holy Innocents…

Holy Innocents… August 3, 2012

pray for them and for the people who did this to them.  May their blood, like yours, lead to the conversion of the world.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, receive these children to yourself and give them to God through our Lord Jesus.

I sometimes wonder if, in the Providence of God, the reason God has permitted so many deaths of innocents in our age is because our age is so uniquely depraved in the history of the world.  It is striking to me that the mystery of God’s justice seems to leave to the worst of us the decision of what will be  done to the best of us.  Atheists sometimes complain at God that he is a brute for allowing his Son to be crucified.  They forget their own case.  For if the atheist is right, there *is* no God.  Which means that the utter brutality meted out to Jesus was–as it was–*our* choice.  We are the ones who came up with the scourging, the cruelty of the crown of thorns, the brutality of the cross.  All our invention.  Stop blaming God for submitting humbly to what we brutal bullies put him through.  It’s an act of cowardice.  But then an awful lot of atheist rhetoric, particularly when it start appealing to Darwin as Prophet, effectively act as court prophet to the very worst sort of Might Makes Right worship of power.  And that is, after all, what abortion rhetoric boils down to in most cases: the baby is the weakest partner  in the triad of man, woman, and child.  The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.  It was to destroy and invert this dynamic that he who was rich for our sake became poor and suffered all we could throw at him in our worship of power.

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  • Brian Edward Miles

    Wonderful post, Mark, thank you.

  • bob cratchit

    THanks for this reminder of why we are here. Well put.

  • Rebekka

    Those poor babies. I just can’t handle it.

  • Ted Seeber

    To the Nietzschean Ceasaroligarcs, nobody has a right to life before 10 months from conception- and even then, only the healthy ones.

  • You are so right. The one’s who are persecuted and put to death now are the most defenseless who are the babies in the womb. What a shame. Just think of all the great minds we have lost because of the unborn lost thorugh abortion. It is the great tragedy of perhaps existence.


  • KML

    This is truly terrible. Keep in mind if you are sensitive to such things (and we ALL should be, but some may be more than others) that there is a picture at the bottom of the article of one of the babies.

    Beautiful reflection, Mark.

  • Metro

    Glad to hear that said loudly – it has seemed to me also that abortion is an instance of “might makes right” logic – that you can do it to someone and get away with it, that they can’t defend themselves, makes it “right”. The same mentality will then hunt the elderly, and the ill, as defenseless targets.
    This seems like a good point to make with friends who are strong advocates against animal cruelty etc. Ask them why those things are wrong – if they are dependent, and we have power over them, why can’t we do whatever we wish with them…then follow the logic from there.

  • Tammy

    I risk sounding like a broken record on this topic, but those of you who care deeply about showing proper respect for the dead may want to look into what options for burial of wee ones (who die prior to birth of natural causes) exist in your own cities. If your city doesnt have a specific, easy to access program then there will be poor women (perhaps even poor women who sit next to you at Mass) who are forced to allow their babies to be disposed of (what this looks like will vary by state law and local regulations and offerings) because they cant afford to do otherwise. This is an issue today in every single town in our country.

    • Michael in ArchDen

      That’s a fair point, Tammy. We were unfotunate enough to learn that the Archdicese of Denver’s cemetary at Mount Olivet does offer free burial fo those children. They sent a hearse to pick up the remains from the hospital, and held a very nice service for all the children and their families.

      • Tammy

        Michael, Im sorry you had occasion to learn of this service. I find that parents who suffer these losses become resources for others in their social groups who later have losses, so even though you wouldnt have picked this as a way to serve, you may be called upon to guide other families.

        Catholic & Military hospitals do “better than average” in caring for babies who doe prior to birth (active duty military can receive a death benefit of $10,000 through SGLI to bury stillborn babies in order to tend them properly). My city – with neither Catholic nor Military hospital – is a good example of a place that needs a group to spearhead a project. It can take various forms, but SOMETHING needs to be in place. Our program was started in our hospital but then another hospital opened and we haven’y yet found a way to cooperate on this yet…a work in progress .

      • KML

        I’m sorry to hear that too, Michael. For any readers in the Puget Sound area, there is a great organization called the Tears Foundation that we have donated to in the past. They provide financial assistance for funeral services and emotional support for parents who have lost their baby during pregnancy or in the first year of life. I have a friend who went through losing a baby, and when she and her husband were in deep shock and grief this organization took care of everything for her, no questions asked. Here’s a link to their site: