Manning’s Corollary Opportunity

Manning’s Corollary Opportunity August 21, 2012

Raymond Ibrahim writes:

Hours after leaflets from Egypt’s jihadi organizations were distributed promising to “reward” any Muslim who kills any Christian Copt in Egypt, specifically naming several regions including Asyut, a report recently appeared concerning the random killing of a Christian store-owner.

According to reporter Menna Magdi, writing in a report published August 14 and titled “The serial killing of Copts has begun in Asyut,” unidentified men stormed a shoe-store, murdering the Christian owner, Refaat Eskander early in the morning. The son of the slain Copt said the murderers took advantage of the fact that his father was alone in the store at the time, adding that his father had no known quarrels with anyone. Only one witness saw one of the assassins as they fled the scene, who was dressed in Salafi attire.

Also, Coptic Solidarity reports that the “Christian Copts in Upper Egypt are under attack, hours after a call for their eradication appeared in the form of leaflets calling on Muslims to kill Copts, specifically naming regions of Upper Egypt.” The report tells of how Christians are being beat, their businesses set on fire, and their properties plundered, even as their attackers declare that “any Christian who dares to leave his house will be killed.” As usual, police appear only after all the damage has been done and the terrorists have fled with their booty.

Yesterday, when I noted that the Muslim Brotherhood was crucifying people and Pakistan had arrested a Down’s Syndrome girl of 11 for “blaspheming Mohammed” I was promptly chastised by somebody called the Friendly Atheist in comboxes for… wait for it… ginning up hostility to Islam.  Manning’s corrllary rulz!  Doubtless those damn Copts are asking for it.

In case you are curious, right now is the Great Age of Christian Martyrdom (actually extending back to the 20th century).  150,000 Christians are murdered each year specifically for their Christianity.  It’s a bit of a comedown from the big spikes under peaceful rational atheistic communism, but its still a respectable number of Christians slaughtered for their faith every year. Think of it this way: readers like Friendly Atheist look at the spectacle of annually dropping one hydrogen bomb on Tallahassee, FL, then Huntsville, AL, then Savannah, GA, then Winston-Salem, NC, then Brownsville, TX, then Hampton, VA with cheerful equanimity.  But if you say something about it, you are the problem.  This is one of many reasons why people with normal social an affective skills are not attracted to typical representatives of evangelical internet atheism.

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  • Note however that the problem you refer to is one in America and Europe – it is a problem caused by hatred of Christianity. But an Islamic America would be a much greater danger to secular American Christian-haters than it would be to American Christians.

    The purpose of our enormous goverment security apparatus is to keep the already pacified grassroots in check. Muslims because of the fundamentalist militancy and penchant for violence would be a substantially greater problem for the empire.

  • John C

    A Thought Experiment: After following the “Middle East Peace Process” since the Six Day War in 1967, I have come to the conclusion that there will be one of two outcomes in the Middle East. (1) Israel ceases to exist, i. e. radical Islam takes over the entire region and forcibly expels Israel from the region, or (2) the US, and perhaps other western countries, occupy the region, in order to save the State of Israel. The US, and what’s left of the West, have a huge decision to make in the next 5, 10, 15 years. Do the western countries have the will to occupy (colonize) this region again? If not, there will be another Jewish exodus. Islam will gradually take over Western Europe, whether by warfare or demographic changes. Russia will never capitulate to Islam – they’re a lot tougher than we are.

    • Joseph H. M. Ortiz

      The prospect of a great many Muslims migrating to a region where Islam is not a state-established religion does not, I submit, necessarily involve a prospect of Islam taking over that region. For a Muslim would then be more free either to remain Muslim or to convert to some form of Christianity or of Paganism or of Secularism, etc.
      Of course, some cultural traits associated with Islam would in any case remain, as in Spain or Portugal today. (In fact, a National Geographic article several decades back had a current photo of a Catholic lady in southern Portugal whose face was veiled below her eyes.)

    • Kirt Higdon

      Israel, with its nuclear arsenal, is scarcely in any danger of being driven from the Middle East. It is more likely to destroy Iran and kill millions of Persians. The US and its allies by a combination of war and subversion are spreading chaos throughout the Middle East, south Asia, and a large and expanding portion of Africa. It’s this that may lead and is already to some extent leading to a mass migration of Moslems to the US and Europe. Somalis were almost unknown in the US until the US invaded their country. Now there are large Somali colonies in Minnesota and Ohio. I met my first Serb refugee to the US who left her country as soon as Clinton’s bombs started falling and headed to America where there were no bombs. Colonize the Middle East? If we stop bombing them, maybe they won’t colonize us.

      • TomD

        Somalis did not come to the United States because the US “invaded their country.” Somalis came here because the Muslim extremists in Somalia were killing them and their families and they fled their homeland. Strange that Somalis would freely choose to come to a country that you would characterize as their oppressor, but in the strange world of the left that is how your mind works.

        • Kirt Higdon

          It’s a strange world in which you could take me as being of the left unless how your mind works is that anyone opposed to killing Moslems is a leftist. Stranger still that a number of these Somali Americans have chosen to return to Somalia to fight against American oppression. But let me clarify things for you a bit. The US has globalized this war while at the same time pretty much immunizing its homeland from any military effects. Hence it’s the logical place for enemies real and potential to rest, learn, and recruit without having to worry about being bombed.

  • Ted Seeber

    A hint- Indonesia only recognizes six religions- and Atheism is not one of them. A man named Alexander Aan is currently finding out the hard way why Atheists in the rest of the world should be allied with Christians if a new Crusade becomes necessary.

  • Arnold

    I have read elsewhere that figure of 150,000 Christian martyrs per year but wonder what that statistic is based on. It seems likely that the numbers are numerous worldwide and exceed those for any other faith group but how could 150,000 be killed annually and there not be more evidence or information about it? Maybe the compiler is including victims of war and civil war, for instance in the Sudan (north and south), including Christians who are killed in the process. However, even the Romans didn’t slaughter Christians in numbers like that, not even over the entire period of persecution.

    • Ted Seeber

      150,000 is only .0075% of all Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, worldwide. Some specific locations are more dangerous than others, but the chance of a single individual being martyred for the Faith is really vanishingly small.

      I have to think that the persecution of Nero mattered more, as a percentage of Christians alive at the time.

    • Kirt Higdon

      Arnold, the linked article refers to a “consensus estimate” of 150,000 Christian martyrs per year without indicating whose consensus it is or what it is based on. I’m with you in suspecting that victims of any warfare between Christians and Moslems is being counted as martyrdom while victims of warfare among Christians (a couple of million in the Congo and other millions total in such places as Angola, Mozambique, Ruanda, Burundi, Uganda and elsewhere) is simply ignored, though for Christians it should be a much greater cause of sorrow. By the same token the death of Moslems at the hands of other Moslems no doubt exceeds deaths they suffer at the hands of Christians and other religions. “A man’s enemies shall be of his own house.”

    • tag1555

      Theology professor Thomas Schirrmacher looked into the source of the “150,000 martyrs” number and analyzed its validity in his blog in August 2011. Its the best breakdown of the statistic I’ve run across:

  • Friendly Atheist? I wonder if that’s referring to the blog of the same name. If so, that would explain much.

    • Ted Seeber

      Especially since I can’t seem to find FA’s comments on the original article. Linky please?

      • OK, it wasn’t just me. I couldn’t find any comments either. Nor link. So I was wondering.

  • caroline

    Aren’t Catholic martyrs more validly martyrs than Protestant martyrs in the eyes of the Catholic Church?

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      Caroline, I’m not an expert, but the Catholic Church conducts fairly detailed investigations into the circumstances of the deaths of any (alleged) martyrs who are Catholic, before proclaiming their status as Christian martyrs. Not every instance of alleged martyrdom – Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant – can be ascertained to take place in circumstances that straightforwardly bespeak authentic martyrdom on the part of the victim. In the fog of war, etc., these affairs can be complicated; the perpretators sometimes allege that the victim was involved in activities other than the practice of heroic Christian virtue (spreading the gospel; rescuing refugees, etc.) that would merit death. Sometimes these allegations may indeed be problematic. Such allegations may be firmly set at naught by the Church after a thorough investigation, but, of course, the Catholic Church is not in a position to make these kinds of inquiries into the circumstance of the final days of non-Catholic (alleged) martyrs.

      Hence, when it comes to saints and martyrs of other faith traditions, she minds her own business.