Our Ruling Class Hate Us for Our Freedom

Our Ruling Class Hate Us for Our Freedom August 8, 2012

Our nation’s top military planners are now discussing plans for fighting Americans on American soil.

Feeling really safe right now.  Operation Enduring Slavery proceeds apace as the Caesaroligarchic police state slowly and surely draws its plans against us.

Meanwhile, on other fronts of our Ruling Class’ war against us, I get this from a reader:

A boring rip-off of Donnie Brasco and American History X recycled to show us that 1) anyone who has a problem with the Federal Oligarchy is a militia nut, therefore good people have no problems with the Federal Oligarchy, 2) state paranoia, informers, and surveillance are essential to protect the Federal Oligarchy and the good people who support it. You’d think people who pride themselves on creating drama for a living could pull their heads out of the Oligarchs’ asses long enough to pen a series about an FBI undercover agent who meets some nasty militia types who are hard to catch, and people who are just pissed at the feds and alienated from the Oligarchy who are easier to entrap, gets pressure from his bosses to do the easy folks so that headlines in the War on Terror can be made, but goes after the hard cases instead. Rip off of 1980s film Rush? Sure, but at least the drama would be drama, and not Triumph of the Will with sex scenes.

And just for that special icing on the cake of our Ruling Class’ bipartisan support for subjugation of the citizenry we get this marvelous cooperative effort, according to my reader:

On the left is a bill that allows the FAA to license spying on Americans, but now allows Congress to say they’ve “done something” by requiring the FAA to consider “privacy concerns” before rubber-stamping licenses to spy on Americans. This tough legislation also requires drone operators to give pious, butter-won’t-melt-in-their-mouths advertisements for their good intentions and the benefits of spying, without placing any restrictions on the collection, storage, or distribution of incidental data they just happened to collect while doing all that good B.S. they wrote in their applications.

Meanwhile, on the empty gesture, culture warrior Right,

the Republicans are going to show their deep and immediate concern for the middle and working class by this cheap, symbolic hype. Real income hasn’t risen in 30 years, but Rubio’s #1 priority is to exempt Olympians’ income from taxation to teach us proles a lesson about “punishing success” and who the bad guys are. I can see how people might be dumb or craven enough to accept the unparalleled, politcally-generated wealth of the moneyed class on the theory that it results in subsistence incomes for the lower classes. But I can’t think anyone, not even in America, is dumb enough to believe that Olympic succcess works the same way. No one’s more fit because Michael Phelps finally won a medal. My cholesterol isn’t lower. Perhaps fatherless American children might find, in hero-worshipping Michael Phelps, some poor substitute for family life that the American state has made impossible, but that’s income of the most nebulous and indirect kind, hardly worthy of a 100% tax subsidy.

My reader, an attorney, adds:

We must be the dumbest people on the face of the earth, that our leaders think crap such as this will be an acceptable guarantee of our rights.

Interesting, I guess. But what’s on American Idol?

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  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    While I don’t disagree with your overall point, citing an Editorial in the Washington Times as evidence for government oppression isn’t all that big of a leap from citing the National Enquirer as evidence for Sasquatch. The only remarkable difference between the journalistic integrity of the Washington Times and the Sun UK is British spelling and page 3 girls.

    • Mark Shea

      If you want to document an error of fact, I’m all ears.

      • Mark S (not for Shea)

        I don’t. It may all be on the up and up. I’m just saying that all news media should be read with a skeptical eye — and places like the Washington Times, Huffington Post, etc. with two very skeptical eyes wide open.

        On the other hand …

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if these sorts of “contingency plans” have been part of military planning since at least the 1960s, if not before. Just because they have a “just in case” plan doesn’t necessarily mean that the plan is greenlit. There is very likely a military contingency plan for extraterrestrial invasion. That doesn’t mean the UFOs are on the way.

        • Vision_From_Afar

          Bingo. That’s the same kind of mentality that doesn’t buy home flood insurance because that somehow increases the likelihood of a flood occurring. Fortune favors the prepared, and with all the time-wasting our government has done, I’d be shocked if they didn’t have a “what if” file somewhere for the event of the Rapture, or a “real” y2k-style computational meltdown.

        • Chris M

          I think there’s a serious difference between developing “what if” scenarios based on wild fantasies like UFO invasions or zombie apocalypses and planning something along the lines of the US military installing a junta or overthrowing the civilian government or being used as a domestic police force. Because while we have yet to see Martians invade or the Walking Dead eating people, we’ve seen plenty of examples around the world of military forces used to quell civil dissent, overthrow elected leaders, etc. There isn’t anything magical about America that prevents it from being an impossibility here.

          • Confederate Papist

            It happened in 1861 didn’t it?

  • Colin

    The WT editorial is based on this article from “Small Wars Journal” by Col. Kevin Benson (U.S.A., ret.) and Jennifer Weber, Ph.D. (University of Kansas): http://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/full-spectrum-operations-in-the-homeland-a-%E2%80%9Cvision%E2%80%9D-of-the-future

    Regardless of the perceived journalistic merits of the Washington Times, the discussion of using our military to quell domestic unrest is real.

  • Ed Pie

    Are they discussing the possibility that the more this kind of thing ramps up, the fewer soldiers there may be who will be willing to turn on their neighbors?
    This looks to me, from my paranoid and pessimistic perch, like the government is planning ahead for civil war; but unlike the last one, front won’t be a conceivable geographic location, and the soldiers by and large might be more patriotic than their CIC.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    And as more proof that it’s tough to tell the difference between Right and Left anymore:

    The other day, I was shocked to see a friend of mine on Facebook pontificating about how he returned his Eagle Scout award (something I consider to be one of the crowning achievements of my life) because of the Scouts’ stance on homosexuality. The BSA doesn’t allow openly gay scouts or leaders, probably because the Scouts are one of the few places where kids can be safe from the sex bombardment of the rest of culture.

    It seems my college friend has a political ally in…Mitt Romney?


  • Jeff

    I read this article in SWJ when it was published.
    Follow the link above to it and skip to the comments. It was 90/10 against the author’s use of Tea Party, as well as many against the very idea.
    The military is more diverse in thought than hollywood portrays us.

    • Mark Shea

      The military operates under orders from the political class.

      • Jeff

        I’d like to add too that this is one retired Colonel and a professor’s assessment. The military is no more monolithic an organization than the Church.

        • Mark Shea

          I get that. I also get that the military is under the control of our Caesaroligarchy.

          • David Davies

            Do you think orders to open fire on their brothers and sisters just might result in large scale refusals to obey orders?

            • David Davies

              I should be clear here that widespread mutiny in the armed forces would be most undesirable. The actions provoking such a mutiny would be even more undesirable. I wonder if the people who simply assume that soldiers will be good Germans and obey all orders have thought this through.

  • To stop such things from getting to this point is my own personal focus. The underlying SWJ piece is both ludicrous in what it’s missing (the scenario is in an election year but that’s wholly absent from the dynamic) and chilling in its propaganda spin which is very anti-tea party, anti-south, and not particularly shy about stirring up divisive, hateful stereotypes that a lot of good people of all parties have been trying to get past for a long time.

    A few observations that might help in your own thoughts and commentary.

    1. The scenario is in a federal election year. There is no discussion at all about any election. Is it an assumed condition of the scenario that elections are cancelled prior to the scenario?
    2. The “good old boys” have largely rallied behind and pushed into office an ethnic Indian woman, Gov. Nikki Haley. On what planet is this mythical South Carolina where whites are doing anti-white traffic stops and extracting illegal tolls and the political class in the state capitol is tolerant of this?
    3. Where are these people getting their heavy weaponry that they are buying with their extorted tolls? All of that’s illegal to acquire in the US and the Tea Party is not currently noted for its ties to the world illegal arms market.
    4. The President acts on a 15 day timeline, ordering the insurgents to disperse within 15 days. This is going to die by itself or the White House is going to be stormed within 15 days. This is a remarkably ignorant old school timeline which reinforces the theory that this is a libel piece more of political import than actual military planning.

    • SecretAgentMan

      As long as the President doesn’t go to Mount Thunder for the alert this Sunday, we’re OK.

  • Jeff

    It does, up to a point. There are plenty who take oaths seriously in the military. If the ruling classes overplay their hand, watch them get laughed out of office.

  • Andrew

    Honestly, our national leadership would be remiss not to see what’s going on in Europe and the deteriorating economic climate worldwide, and NOT plan for civil unrest. Few Americans realize that while the current average 2% interest payment on our debt is manageable, 6% would eat up every tax dollar brought in. Few Americans realize that we live in a constant state where a month or two of failed bond auctions our currency is worthless and entitlement checks don’t get cut. Fewer still understand that should this occur, the last resort is to simply print money and hand it out, and gas will be $10 a gallon.

    While I highly doubt this will occur, the chance today compared to 5 years ago has risen 5o fold. I’m not making the infamous argument “he who would give up a little liberty in favor of a little safety deserves neither” but I have no qualms about our military having binders collecting dust on some shelf at the Pentagon containing what do to in the worst of the worst “what if” scenarios occurs.

    • Ted Seeber

      Which is why I support local currencies as a backup. I know they’re illegal and unconstitutional, but let’s face it, our government is waning.

      • David Davies

        Gold, silver, bullets, canned corn and tuna. Our next currencies.

      • Peggy R

        Barter. And grow our own food.

  • Richard Johnson

    Let’s see…it’s fear mongering when the Washington Times says it, and it’s political pandering when the NY Times suggests it. What is it when the CATO institute writes about it?



    Since these articles are 8 and 10 years old respectively, might they qualify as prophetic?

  • Richard Johnson


    I’m certain that the Democrats will match the GOP gun for gun at their convention. I just hope that nobody is accidentally killed by an overzealous boat patrol.

    But of course, this isn’t really happening. It’s all hyperbole and fear mongering by the press. Please, everyone, slide your heads back into the sand and resume your sleep.

  • Richard Johnson

    And now the Democrats offer their version of the mini-police state.


    “The city is also relying on a recent law that gives its manager the power to declare a large-scale gathering an “extraordinary event.” When that happens, a section of the city is marked off and the police have wide powers to search and possibly arrest people in that zone who carry items capable of hiding weapons or inflicting injury.”