There are one or two problems with the Moon Landing Hoax theory

There are one or two problems with the Moon Landing Hoax theory August 25, 2012

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  • leahlibresco

    Also this one:

    • Mark Shea


      I gotta give NASA props for the Curiosity mission. That landing was finer than a Swiss watch. Mega-kudos.

  • rnsone

    Lol! I have my doubts about the Apollo missions.During those turbulent times,I believe the Govt’s lies were at a all time high! I think they were willing to do anything to galvanize the country. Funny clip! Thanks for the post!

  • They’d also need a plan to forever keep those fake moon rocks away from any honest geologist.

  • This remains my favourite response to the moon hoaxers.

    • Dean

      Pretty good shot.

  • There’s also the fact any knowledgeable amateur can ping the mirrors left by various Apollo missions:

    If I remember correctly, in the early years of the program NASA refused to disclose the mirrors’ coordinates, but the Moon Landing Truthers were so obnoxious NASA relented to shut them up.

    • Ghosty

      Obviously they put the mirrors up there when they were setting up for the fake moon-landing shoot…on the moon.

    • Glenn

      As a pilot of military aircraft, I can testify that my counterparts who operate the sensors on our planes can aim the infrared video camera at the Moon (or more specifically, at the coordinates of the appropriate Apollo landing sites), shoot the camera’s laser designator, and make the mirrors “wink” with reflected laser energy that the camera then picks up. Pretty darned cool in my book.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I LOOOOVE conspiracy theories, because every single one of them is based on a basic fallacy: That dozens, if not hundreds, of people can tell the same lie. It just doesn’t happen.

    • Alfredo Escalona

      …based on a basic fallacy: That dozens, if not hundreds, of people can tell the same lie. It just doesn’t happen….

      Aw, c’mon, dude, you don’t REALLY believe that, do you?!?

      1) Let’s start with Project Ultra (our decoding of the Nazi codes), where thousands of women (!) kept a secret for 25 years!

      2) Then there’s the current administration. And the previous administration. And the one before that…

      All of human history is a catalogue of competing conspiracies. The ones that win, we call “governments”.

  • Albertus M

    Not to mention: If we had faked it, how come the Soviets never figured that out at the time? You’d think they’d have had all sorts of radar monitoring the shoot, would have known right away, and would have gloried in pointing out the fake.

    • SecretAgentMan

      Oh c’mon — you’re not getting into the spirit of trutherism. The Soviets were going to fake their own moon landing. Glass houses, don’tcha know. Revealing our fake would have shown they were far behind the West when it comes to fakery. After decades of bumper crops of Siberian wheat, the last thing the Soviets needed was a Fake Gap.

      • btube

        I think in addition the gubmit faked the Soviet Union …. all of it.

        • SecretAgentMan

          That’s the spirit! Way to go, btube!

  • TimLambert

    The moon landing had to be faked; how else are we to account for the corollary storyline in The Shining?

  • jcb

    Speaking of Mitchell and Webb and the moon landing:

  • Aw, but Mark, if we actually landed on the moon, where is the block of cheese to prove it?

  • Chris

    We landed on the moon 40 plus years ago and sent a land rover to Mars, but we are still battling the common cold LOL, and every other disease. I guess when it comes to space travel, we had this figured out 40 plus years ago, but the medical community at large remains completely incompetent. Well, that’s because there really is no such thing as disease when you look at the cause of SYMPTOMS. Someone decided that if we give these symptoms a name, we can make more money. And if you don’t believe me, just look at Otto Warburgs work which won him 2 Nobel Peace prizes. Whether it’s cancer or other “dis-eases”, it results from the accumulation of morbid mater (waste material from 100 trillion cells) which don’t get eliminated efficiently, and an acidic environment. ALL you have are cells and two types of fluid. All we are is cells bathing in fluid. Keep the fluid clean and nutrient rich, and take at the trash, you don’t get disease. The CAUSE is all the same. However, science is completely incompetent to this. And if you think Big Pharma doesn’t “conspire” to get richer, then you are a fool. I guess the 50 side effects of each medication is just normal and acceptable, eh? The unreported side effects in trials is ethical. Oh, but NOT conspiratorial.

    Oh, here’s one for you sleepwalkers. Google Merck hit list doctors. Tell me how Merck creating a hit list against doctors who spoke out against vioxx isn’t CONSPIRING? Tell me how Bayer knowingly sending out HIV contaminated aspirin isn’t CONSPIRING. Youtube either “rumsfeld or cheney” followed by “flight 93 shot down”. You hear THEM admit the plain was shot down. Yet year after year they celebrate the official story of the hijackers taking the plane down?

    Conspiracies do in fact exist. Not all of them are true, but some. As one man stated, if you don’t understand conspiracy, then you don’t understand history. The government lies and you all of you people who defend them have Stockholm Syndrome.

    Why don’t you take baby steps and go look up Edward G. Griffin or John Taylor Gatto on youtube and learn something. And being that Mr. Gatto is a 2 time teacher of the year in the New York State System and has a commanding knowledge base on HISTORY, I think he knows a lot more than you gullible nay -sayers!

    • Mark Shea

      Thanks for your input.

  • Scott E

    Fake moon landing conspiracy theories are easily refuted by going out in the back yard and kicking dirt into the air. Gravity pulls the dirt back down to the earth faster than it goes into the air. Then look at the videos of the astronauts on the moon. Dirt that is kicked up lingers in the air before floating down to the ground at about the same rate that it is kicked up. That effect could be easily faked today with computer imaging, but would have been impossible to fake in 1969.

  • James H, London

    Good ol’ British humour – love it!

  • Colin

    While I believe some conspiracy theories such as Roswell, the German Die Glocke, the possibility of United 93 being shot-down and some others.. I do believe the moon landings are 100% real. You can actually see the Apollo modules still sitting on the moon with a high powered telescope.