And in Today’s Prolife Political Wife Beating News

And in Today’s Prolife Political Wife Beating News September 25, 2012

House Republicans Pass Funding for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and Regulation Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith

They love you, baby.  It’s just that, well, they work so *hard* for you and you keep making them angry with your stupid endless talk about the children and you wanting some respect.  Can anybody blame them if they haul off and smack you now and then?

Here’s what you do, prolifer, according to the Current Wisdom: shut up about the whole prolife thing, let your Man in Congress *talk* about being prolife but stop hectoring him to go to the extreme of doing something about it. Smile for the cameras when they wave you over for the photo ops and, for heaven’s sake, try to lose some weight and not be such an *embarrassment* to your man!  Do you *want* him to lose?  He’s the only one that’s going to love a slug like you. So learn how to take a punch now and then and get back in line.  A man can only put up with so much.

Or, alternatively:

Prolifers can have their Joanie Caucus Moment, realize that this abusive loser has been sponging off you for years and stringing you along with empty promises while delivering constant betrayals, that he works for you and not you for him, and refuse to take this garbage anymore.  Start by putting pressure on them, rather than submitting to pressure from them.  Make it clear that a campaign is a job interview and that these slobs had damn well better do as you order them to or hit the road.  Stop getting played by the fearmongering tactic of every wife beater, “If you lose me, *no one* will love you.”   You are worth far more than that.  Jesus loves you.  Politicians just work for you.  And if they don’t, fire ’em.

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