In Our Name

In Our Name September 27, 2012

Like it or not, in a representative democracy, what our elected leaders choose to do is what we are choosing to do.  Our government is choosing to act as absolutely unaccountable judge, jury, and executioner of lots and lots of innocent civilians in drone strikes, murdering American teenagers, and with the help of a willing and deeply corrupt media, making such crimes disappear.

We want to console ourselves that all those angry mobs of Muslims abroad are just yelling about a stupid Youtube movie. In reality, many of them are angry because you blew up their house and nearly killed (or succeeded in killing) their children or their wives and your President is lying about it and your press corps is covering it up.

And, curiously, this is a bi-partisan effort since Obama’s ruthless use of lawless power to kill innocent people abroad is one of the few things the right wing media is either silent about or full of tacit approval about.

A country doesn’t act like a lawless dictatorship whose God King is above all human and divine law forever.  Sooner or later, hubris meets nemesis.

Obama voters: how can you sleep at night?  Your President is a lawless war criminal.  If you want hope and change, try hoping that if you vote for somebody who does not advocate grave intrinsic evil, you will see change starting in your own heart and spreading out from there.  Otherwise, you are just a slave of Caesar and an accomplice to his murders.  Think different.  Free yourself.  It is for freedom that Christ has made us free.  Do not let yourself be bound by a yoke of slavery.

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  • Balin

    Back in the early 1980s I had a conversation with an Arab friend in college about how Americans were perceived in the Middle East. He said that Arabs hated our government but loved Americans. I was surprised and he explained that Arabs understand from their own experience that governments don’t represent their peoples even if Americans believed that their government was representative of them. When I told him that we vote for our leaders he smiled and mentioned that his people voted too. I was glad to hear that I was not linked to my government’s actions in the Middle East but I also wondered how long that would last. I figured if we were going to insist that we are a representative democracy we were eventually going to be held accountable for what our representatives do in our name around the world. I sometimes wonder if my college friend still holds the same opinion of us he did thirty years ago. Maybe he does but I fear that most of his compatriots no longer do.

    Do we live in a oligarchic plutocracy that merely pays lip service to our constitution and freedoms so that it can perpetuate injustice around the world in our name? If we want to claim we are a representative democracy we must accept responsibility for what our government does and do something about it. Muslims are holding us accountable for what our government does to them in their part of the world. Are we okay with that? If not, what are we going to do about it?

    • Ted Seeber

      I don’t think the plutocracy is even paying lip service to the Constitution anymore.

  • Ray Rechtin

    A little over 500 years ago, the middle east was a hot bed of activity. The Arab middle men charge exorbitant rates to allow spices from the Far East to reach markets in Europe. The revenues earned from the spice trade help fund Muslim attacks on Christian Europe. Finally enough Europeans got fed up with this and decided to sail south around Africa to the Far East and established colonies along the way. Another group decided to sail west to the Far East and ran into a little problem called the New world. Pretty soon the middle East became a back water area of the world until someone discovered oil there. Perhaps we might become more ambitious to discover new sources of old energy and explore new energy sources as well. (Yes, I am talking about drilling here and converting coal to oil and developing solar, nuclear, wind, wave and whatever. Nothing should be off of the table.) When we can cut off the flow of money to the corrupt potentates in the middle east we might solve 90% of our problems there. WE have to view this as a war of a different sort. We have been looking at it as a war in which our might will prevail. That will solve nothing. Only our ability and willpower to cut the head off of the snake by cutting off the funds will lead us to win. Then, when they come to us, we can talk.

    • Ted Seeber

      Anything that moves without a human being pushing it, can be used for energy generation.