More of that New Civility the Dems are On About

More of that New Civility the Dems are On About September 4, 2012

DNC drones scream at 11 year old girl for her love of innocent babies.

Excellent work, DNC drones. The way you humiliate a sweet young girl certainly looks good and persuades all people of good will of the justice of your cause. Why just look at the way you reduced her to tears.

That must have taken real courage for screaming grownups to do that to somebody a third their age. For a follow up, you should consider punching out a six year old child or perhaps push a wheel chair bound old woman down the stairs to demonstrate your awesome moral superiority and ability to bully those weaker than yourself. You certainly have my vote and, I have no doubt, the votes of all decent people when you act this way. Who could doubt the moral bona fides of a party that willingly plays host to people like you. Thanks for reminding us of what the Democrat party stands for.

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