Dear Obama Voter: This is on you

Dear Obama Voter: This is on you October 3, 2012

And, by the way, this piece of stupidity from the comboxes over at Conor Friedersdorf’s site is all yours too:

I think Rachel Maddow said it best.(I think last Thursday?) We as a nation can not have a logical, reasoned argument about national security, privacy, warrants, trials of terrorists because the Republican Party has completely abdicated rationality and now resides permanently in screeching hysteria- land.  Where anything Democrats do to bring up any rights for anyone means you are “soft on terror”, an apologize-r in chief or to once again dig up Chamberlain- an appeaser!   When Obama tried to have real trials for Gitmo detainees or bring them to the US in the Federal prison system you would have thought they were super villains with death rays shooting out of their eyes.  Republicans ginned up so much Fox enabled hysteria you would have thought Obama was playing Russian Roulette with a Predator drone on a bus of nuns and preschoolers.  As a result we have nothing in our political process trying to see where the line needs to be.  The overwhelming pressure is to start at draconian and see if we can think of somewhere even more oppressive to go from there.  I do think we need to have a serious conversation, or even a modern day Geneva Convention where we as a world seriously discuss the new reality of asymmetrical warfare.  What to do about failed states, multi-national crime syndicates, money laundering, terrorists and drone attacks.  The game has drastically changed and the old rules don’t apply in many situations, but where should they?  Do I wish Obama had thrown someone in prison for committing torture? Yes.  Because something isn’t really illegal unless someone goes to jail when they do it.  But we can’t have the conversation anymore because we have a two party system where one party wouldn’t be happy with anything less than Jack Bauer as dictator of the world.

Poor President Obama.  That mean old Bush and those mean mean Republicans just *force* him to unilaterally murder civilians, women and children and then lie about it!  If he doesn’t, all the Republican kids on the playground will make fun of him!  Everything is somebody else’s fault.  Good Lefties are never ever to blame for the bad things they do!  They are victims too!

Grow up.  Face the fact that your guy has taken the murder of civilians (and citizens) to a whole new level and, at the end of the day, that your spokesoids like Maddow are making excuses for it instead of screaming bloody murder about it and refusing to support it.

You don’t have to vote for this man, you know.  And don’t give me a song and dance about how Romney is worse.  You don’t have to vote for him either.

So again, Obama voter: How can you sleep at night?

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