Forming Intentional Disciples is, I’m telling you, One of the Most Important Books of the Year

Forming Intentional Disciples is, I’m telling you, One of the Most Important Books of the Year October 2, 2012

…and possibly of the decade. Sherry Weddell writes:

We just received 2,000 copies from the second printing three weeks ago. This morning, I found out that OSV must have ordered a third printing as soon as they received the second cause they are taking back-orders and expecting the third printing to arrive by the end of this week. October 10th will mark three months since publication.

That means that 9,000 copies are circulating in the book universe somewhere. Let the conversation continue!

I continue to be surprised and stunned at the reception the book is getting and what God is doing through it. Praised be Jesus Christ!

That’s whopping sales in the world of Catholic publishing, particularly in that short a time. You should get it too. A badly needed and vital book for anybody who cares about the future of the Church. Get it here.

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  • Sherry Weddell

    Mark – once again I forgot about the Welborn Protocol. I was just passing on this good news to you personally!

    • Mark Shea

      Yeah! But it’s worth sharing!

    • Ted Seeber

      And I hope it is just the beginning. The way I see it, we need at least 900,000,000 copies of your book to be floating around. Despite my initial revulsion at your title (due to far too many flame wars with Protestant graduates of the Dallas Theological Seminary) it is easily the most important Catholic work since the Catechism itself.

      • Sherry Weddell

        Ted – one of the things that newbie authors discover is that they have little control over the final title. In my case, I screamed bloody murder at my publisher’s first suggestion and counter-suggested several. They approved a general theme and then I turned it over to my FB friends to vote/suggest and the winner was Tim Ferguson. Any resemblance to the language of graduates of Dallas was an act of God.

        I’m glad that you found the book useful.

  • Ingvar

    I wouldn’t be worried. I’m reading it now on the strength of Mark’s positive revue. And I’m a lay pastoral assistant in a parish in Toronto. It’s already told given me a few good ideas for my work and I don’t think I’m much past the first chapter.

  • Sherry Weddell

    The word from OSV is another 4,000 copies are due around October 10. Until then, buy from the Catherine of Siena Institute. We have plenty and we ship within 24 hours. We give killer bulk discounts!