It’s International Blasphemy Day

It’s International Blasphemy Day October 1, 2012

And Leah Libresco is still a little confused about how someone can freely and consciously choose to *profane* something if they don’t presuppose it’s holy.

Answer: They can’t. As Chesterton observed, nobody blasphemes Thor. Blasphemy always tells you about what a culture holds sacred. And the people who are celebrating Blasphemy Day have their own sacred words, acts, and things. All humans do. No human can avoid it. Nor should they try. Instead, they should educate themselves on why sacred things are sacred and what is the proper order of the things we hold sacred. Simply trying to delete the idea of the sacred from human culture is insane and always and only leads to a culture becoming small, cramped, cold, dark and inhuman as it “pushes the envelope” for more and more “transgressive” thrills that harm the weak and the vulnerable as the prideful assert their power against God’s love.

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