Kyle Cupp Gets It

Kyle Cupp Gets It October 11, 2012

Sez he:

I want to echo what Jason Kuznicki writes on the front page about President Obama’s secret kill list and what it means for our democracy. Especially this:

He deserves to lose.

And worse. He deserves to walk onstage not to cheers, but to hisses, boos, and a shower of rotten vegetables. He deserves a place in presidential history somewhere far beneath Warren Harding or Richard Nixon, both now counted rank amateurs when it comes to subverting the republic. Obama deserves the reputation of a Catiline or a Hipparchus, if only we remembered who they were.

No, I don’t think Romney would be better. For the next four years, government by kill list is baked in the cake. Romney’s been mum about the whole thing, and that’s just what we would expect from someone who thinks himself worthy of the power, and who hopes to enjoy it come January.

Let that sink in: presumably both contenders for the presidency believe themselves worthy of the frightful and secretive power to craft, maintain, and execute a kill list, a list that can conceivably include anyone, you and me included. Obama asks us to trust him; and Romney, who wouldn’t dare apologize for the executive’s kill list, who’s not ashamed of American power and believes his country to be the greatest force for good the world has ever known, will surely follow in a killer suit. As we cannot see into the commander-in-chief’s Holy of Holies, we are told to have faith in the president and in his use of this deadly and secret power. It is for our safety, after all, and the salvation of all we hold dear.

Dear Obama Supporter: How can you sleep at night? How do you face the mirror in the morning? What lies do you tell yourself to pretend that this fraudulent tyrant is not a greater enemy of the Constitution than Dubya? What excuses do you make to turn a blind eye to the women and children this man has killed? Prescinding from your blind eye to aborted children, how many full grown civilian adults, teenagers, women and children does this man have to secretly and unilaterally butcher before you refuse to be played anymore?

Romney is a lying duplicitous cynic. Duly noted and fully acknowledged. That’s why I’m not voting for him. But at least he hasn’t (yet) secretly ordered the murder of civilians and then called them enemy combatants to cover his butt. Your guy has. And you are *still* voting for him? Wake up, sucker! Stop being played. Why vote for these clowns? Don’t waste your vote. Vote for somebody who will not fill you with burning shame.

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