More Proof for Atheism!

More Proof for Atheism! October 24, 2012

The God delusion is so strong it persists even when the brain shuts down and is unable to delude itself! Note too the resemblance between the doctor’s non-hallucinating hallucination and religious claims about angels — that completely proves that this is a delusion! What actually happened is that when the physician came out of the coma, his brain randomly fired off these images for no reason whatsoever and made him *think* he’d seen them during the coma, when actually he didn’t see them at all. His brain conjured what he wanted to see because believers need these kinds of delusions to sustain their own belief, which is why this was a completely involuntary biochemical phenomenon unrelated to conscious perception. And also, nobody can believe in your blond blue-eyed Jesus because I’m sleeping with my neighbor’s wife! So there!

It’s amazing what faithheads can force themselves to believe in the teeth of hard evidence. That’s why Christians are such obscurantists who refuse to look at scientific data while materialists simply follow the evidence where it leads with fearless minds unclouded by a priori dogmas.

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